Black nails - 50 stylish manicure ideas

Pitch or charcoal varnish is no longer an attribute of grunge subcultures. This shade has long gained popularity among women with different preferences in clothing style. It is chosen by both young carefree girls and mature business ladies, the main thing is to choose the right design.

Who suits black manicure?

Modern fashion does not dictate any strict prohibitions, a progressive woman herself chooses how she looks. Black nail polish is for everyone. Depending on the version of nail art you like, it goes well with any outfit, it is appropriate both in everyday life and for evening outings.

For the correct selection of design, it is important to consider the following features of the nail plates:

  • length;
  • the form;
  • width;
  • base outline.

Black manicure for short nails

Coal color looks best with a free edge length of up to 4 mm (less is better). Even glossy black gel polish does not look vulgar on short nails, so in this case it can be applied without jewelry, accessories and nail art. Such a manicure will be a great addition or even the basis of any look, like a little black dress in a wardrobe.

Black nails are a binding coating. The cuticle must be carefully removed, the surface of the plates should preferably be leveled and carefully polished. Dark varnishes highlight the smallest flaws in hygienic manicure. Another important nuance is the shape of the nails. The black coating looks beautiful when the free edge is cut square. It is acceptable to make a blunt oval, but round, sharp and almond-shaped plates are an unsuccessful solution.

Black manicure for short nailsBlack manicure for short nails twoBlack manicure for short nails threeBlack manicure for short nails fourBlack manicure for short nails five

Black manicure for long nails

If you don’t want to part with a long-growing manicure, it’s better to prefer nail art with resin elements or inclusions, and refuse a continuous coating. Long black nails are good for a themed party or photo shoot, carnival. In ordinary life, they look vulgar and gloomy, associated with witchcraft and gothic subcultures.

Black lacquer goes with all colors so it can be added to any design. It will highlight the shape and length of the plates, perfectly emphasize the chosen range, make it brighter and more saturated. The trend is black matte nails with contrasting nail art in such shades:

  • cream;
  • yellow;
  • white;
  • red;
  • violet;
  • mint;
  • lilac;
  • blue;
  • light pink;
  • metal;
  • light green.

Black manicure for long nailsBlack manicure for long nails twoBlack manicure for long nails threeBlack manicure for long nails fourBlack manicure for long nails five

Black Manicure Ideas

Short nails look good with a simple dark finish, without drawings, decorations or voluminous accessories. Classic manicure in black with glossy or matte varnish is universal. It can be done for everyday life, worn to study or work in the office, to complement a strict evening outfit. This is a bright and noticeable detail of the image that does not need additions. Even rings, except for the engagement ring, are considered superfluous accessories with such nail art.

Black medium nails and long plates are the perfect «canvas» for creativity. Depending on their shape and width, you can create discreet and neat designs, or spectacular and artsy nail art options. This season, it is especially fashionable to combine charcoal varnish with sparkling and mirror textures:

Manicure black with gold

Any design in the considered shades looks expensive and elegant, in a luxury style. Manicure with black gel polish and gold plating on the free edge is the simplest and most popular nail art. It is done quickly and easily, but looks luxurious and festive, suitable for glossy and matte finishes. If desired, you can additionally decorate the design with the appropriate decor — rhinestones, foil, kamifubuki and similar decorations.

Black and gold manicure is also done in other beautiful techniques:

  • painting;
  • emphasis on 1-2 fingers;
  • geometric figures;
  • floral patterns;
  • abstraction;
  • «water», «marble» nail art;
  • mirror rub;
  • laying out drawings with artificial stones;
  • lace.

Manicure black with gold timesManicure black with gold twoManicure black with gold threeManicure black with gold fourManicure black with gold five

Manicure black with silver

The presented tandem is preferred by serious and calm women who adhere to moderation in clothing and makeup. Black nails, decorated with silver inserts or patterns, look elegant and noble. This design is not as flashy and chic as the combination of charcoal lacquer and gold, so it is appropriate to wear it not only with evening dresses, but also every day.

A beautiful black manicure is in harmony with silver in the following types of nail art:

  • french;
  • negative space design;
  • geometry;
  • ethnic drawings;
  • vegetable patterns;
  • «broken glass»;
  • stars, space;
  • «moon» manicure;
  • metal rub;
  • emphasis on 1-2 nails;
  • imitation of marble, mineral breeds.

Manicure black with silverManicure black with silver twoManicure black with silver threeManicure black with silver fourManicure black with silver five

Manicure beige with black

The specified pair of colors is a universal solution if the nails are not ideally shaped, especially when they are too wide. A manicure in black with beige accents helps to correct the contours of the plates, visually lengthen and narrow them, make them more elegant and feminine. For this reason, the combination of charcoal and cream varnishes is the most sought after among nail design masters. With its help, nails are shaped in the following ways:

  • minimalism;
  • lace, guipure;
  • french;
  • geometric shapes, lines;
  • Indian patterns, mandalas;
  • floral ornaments;
  • graphic arts;
  • dots technique;
  • negative space;
  • imitation of rocks;
  • gradient.

Manicure beige with blackBeige and black manicure twoManicure beige with black threeManicure beige with black fourManicure beige with black five

Black manicure with rubbing

If you use a mirror powder over a dark coat, it gets a deeper and more saturated color. Nails in black harmonize well with chrome and metallic rubs, colored types of shimmering powder (blue, purple, red). Light powder options (white, pearl and rainbow) are best used in nail art with accents. On 1-2 fingers there will be a black manicure with sparkles or with a mirror finish, and on the rest — a contrasting rub. Any design with such a surface looks spectacular in combination with decor:

  • broths;
  • kamifubuki;
  • rhinestones;
  • foil;
  • small and medium shimmer;
  • velvet sand;
  • pile imitation;
  • metal accessories;
  • nail piercing.

Black manicure with rubbing timesBlack manicure with rubbing twoBlack manicure with rubbing threeBlack manicure with rub fourBlack manicure with rub five

Black french manicure

The described variation of the immortal classic is a frequent choice of business women who prefer restrained, low-key images. Black French manicure is performed mainly according to standard technology, only the “smile line” is drawn not with white, but with charcoal glossy varnish. This design looks interesting and unusual, but not pretentious, does not attract too much attention. If you want variety, you can decorate black French-style nails in the following ways:

  • emphasis on the ring finger;
  • decor;
  • small white rhinestones near the «hole»;
  • jacket only from black lacquer — glossy and matte;
  • lace inserts;
  • patterns along the contour of the «smile line»;
  • red and black jacket;
  • negative space;
  • gold or silver inserts;
  • rubbing;
  • sequins on the free edge.

Black french manicure timesBlack french manicure twoBlack french manicure threeBlack french manicure fourBlack french manicure five

Black manicure with a pattern

To make patterns on a dark base visible from afar, you should select a contrasting range for their implementation. Drawings on black lacquer can be done in any shades, it is combined with all colors. The main thing is to choose nail art that suits the outfit, make-up style and event. Black manicure is a very bright detail of the image, which will definitely not be left without attention, so all elements should be in harmony. Shining accessories are preferred as decor this season:

  • shimmer;
  • kamifubuki;
  • sequins;
  • rubbing;
  • rhinestones;
  • rainbow pollen.

Black manicure with a pattern of timesBlack manicure with pattern twoBlack manicure with pattern threeBlack manicure with pattern fourBlack manicure with a pattern of five

New Black Nail Designs

The trend in modern nail art is the candy ball decoration — small multi-colored transparent balls made of epoxy resin. Inside such «drops» there is often decor, mostly flowers similar to ranunculus and roses. The design of black nails with candy ball looks very gentle and feminine, but it is not suitable for everyday wear due to inconvenience.

The main trend of the upcoming season in nail art is minimalism. It is better to postpone voluminous and detailed drawings on the nails for later, neat, thin and sketchy patterns are in fashion.

The following design techniques will also remain in trend:

  • dots (dot);
  • rubbing;
  • sequins;
  • rhinestone figures or single artificial stones;
  • negative space.

New designs of black nails timesNew designs of black nails twoNew black nail designs threeNew Black Nail Designs Fourblack nail design novelties fiveblack nail design novelties sixblack nail design novelties sevenblack nail design novelties eightblack nail design novelties nineNew black nail designs ten

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