Beautiful pedicure 2019 - colors, ideas, trends

Real women of fashion think over their image to the smallest aspects. The strength of well-groomed legs cannot be neglected. Beautiful pedicure 2019 is represented by a variety of stylish trends that can satisfy even the most sophisticated fashionista.

Beautiful pedicure for summer 2019

Stylists offer all sorts of variations in which you can create a beautiful summer pedicure 2019:

  1. The top continues to be monophonic nail art using a minimum of decoration. But there is a place for the existence of multi-color models with the presence of a complex and simple decor.
  2. As for the color scheme, it should be as close as possible to the natural shades.
  3. At the top of popularity, ideas with overflows, radiances and various transitions, ombre, rubbing, gradient and cat’s eye continue to be.
  4. The most popular style this year will be floral motifs. These are flowers that curl and are complemented by green foliage. Relying on fantasy, you can create an exclusive and amazing pedicure.
  5. In summer, the trend is the image on the nails of insects, for example, butterfly wings, and birds with bright plumage. All sorts of animalistic motifs are also allowed, for example, leopard-like colors.

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Beautiful pedicure 2019 — colors

When choosing a beautiful pedicure in 2019, it is recommended to focus on the following color schemes:

  1. Hues such as yellow, coral, red, crimson, blue, blue, gold and turquoise. These colors amazingly emphasize the airiness of the outfit, the femininity of the created image.
  2. There are girls who prefer deep and mysterious looks, they should resort to dark shades.
  3. Fashionistas can create a beautiful 2019 pedicure using thematic drawings, for example, it can be a marine style, an original floral ornament, all kinds of patterns and prints that are relevant for certain seasons.

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Beautiful pedicure 2019 — trends

Current trends provide an opportunity to embody different ideas, create both bright and unusual images:

  1. You can make exquisite and concise bows using a gentle beautiful pedicure 2019, made in nude shades.
  2. The design of a pedicure largely depends on which coating option is used on the hands. Stickers, glitter, pebbles, rubbing, foil, confetti can be applied to the nails, patterns and geometry can be depicted.
  3. You can make accents using different techniques on one or more nails. There are universal options that are suitable for a pedicure, this is a classic monochrome glossy design, a plain matte beautiful pedicure 2019 and a minimalist version in natural shades.
  4. The list of trends includes the embodiment of French, moon, mirror and animalistic nail art.

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Beautiful summer manicure and pedicure 2019 — set

You can create a beautiful manicure and pedicure 2019 in both matte and glossy variations:

  1. A combination of sophisticated French pedicure and manicure is considered a win-win option. French can be created not only in the classics, it can be diluted with original combinations of techniques and unusual color schemes.
  2. Popular is the coloring of nails in metallic shades.
  3. Single additions in the form of geometric patterns, abstract and ethnic patterns look original.
  4. For the summer, you can pick up a monochromatic beautiful manicure, pedicure 2019, which can be in a glossy or matte base. Especially relevant in the summer will be bright or rich combinations. Shades such as beige, blue, pink and yellow tones predominate.
  5. In the autumn-winter period, it is worth turning to such colors as dark blue, black, coffee, burgundy, red and green shades.
  6. Manicures and pedicures can include repeating patterns, geometric patterns, stripes, and polka dots.

beautiful summer manicure and pedicure 2019 set

Beautiful pedicure on feet 2019

Stylists offer a beautiful pedicure 2019, the novelties of which are presented in a variety of variations:

  1. Red is one of the most common colors, coral and burgundy are in the first place among the shades. These colors are often used as a solid color or as a base to add embellishments.
  2. Often on the nails you can see rhinestones, beads or floral options.
  3. White color invariably looks luxurious on nails, rhinestones, holes and the image of brilliant flowers can serve as decoration.
  4. A black beautiful pedicure 2019 is considered a strict option, but it can be diluted with kamifubuki, rhinestones, multi-colored small stones, glitter will be in harmony with an evening dress.
  5. In pastel colors, a gentle and romantic image is created, although neutral shades are used, such nail art can attract attention.
  6. Shades of pink will be a self-sufficient solution for a pedicure.

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Solid beautiful pedicure 2019

Extremely popular beautiful no-frills pedicure 2019, made in a single-color version:

  1. Actual colors for fashionable pedicure please with their diversity. In the spring-summer period, one cannot do without such shades as red, blue, orange, pink, light green, purple, nude tones.
  2. In the cool season, you should turn to wine, brown and blue shades, fashionable matte options.
  3. So that a beautiful plain 2019 pedicure does not seem boring, it can be complemented by a pattern on the thumb, or rhinestones can be used for decoration.
  4. In 2019, you can use a few shades you like and create an actual pedicure from them using the ombre technique.

plain beautiful pedicure 2019

Beautiful pedicure 2019 with a golden stripe

Gold is combined with a large number of all kinds of colors, you can use it to create an incredibly beautiful 2019 pedicure:

  1. A gold detail is welcome in nail art, for example, a strip can be applied using glitter, foil or rubbing.
  2. The trend is to use a golden stripe in a jacket, while it does not matter if there will be a base in this shade, for example, it can be a beautiful pedicure 2019 marsala color with gold.
  3. With the help of a shiny varnish, you can make stripes located in different directions, or apply openwork patterns.

beautiful pedicure 2019 with a golden stripe

Beautiful pedicure 2019 with rhinestones

For the summer season, a beautiful 2019 pedicure with stones is perfect:

  1. Rhinestones are always considered an interesting solution, because such details can be selected in different shapes and colors.
  2. You should not impose a large number of rhinestones, it is better to opt for a specific pattern.
  3. If the nails are small, do not pile them up with large elements from above. It is better when choosing to dwell on sparkling small rhinestones.
  4. The jacket, embellished with rhinestones, remains relevant, which can play in a new way. Nude colors, red, blue, green or any other shade can be used as a base.
  5. Rhinestones can be lined with a hole, which is located at the base of the nail.
  6. For the summer, many girls resort to Chinese painting pedicure, which means inlaid with sparkles and stones.
  7. A pedicure supplemented with broths will be very original.

beautiful pedicure 2019 with rhinestones

Beautiful red pedicure 2019

Red varnish is a win-win option to make a very beautiful 2019 pedicure:

  1. To complement, you can use a certain decor, for example, sparkles, kamifubuki, rhinestones.
  2. For the winter season, a matte color is often chosen, which can be complemented by brightness with the help of rhinestones, graphics and other shimmering structures.
  3. One of the trends in 2019 is the gradient design, it will look juicy and bright.
  4. Red nail design can be complemented with glitter or foil.
  5. The red color also allows geometry, stripes that focus on well-groomed nails will look chic.
  6. Red lacquer can be complemented with other colors, such as beige or pink tone.

beautiful red pedicure 2019

Beautiful white pedicure 2019

The most beautiful pedicure of 2019, made in white, will look luxurious and well-groomed:

  1. With snow-white varnish, thin stripes look great, flowers traced in a silvery tone.
  2. A bright pattern on the thumb, made on any topic you like, is able to highlight a white pedicure.

beautiful white pedicure 2019

Dark beautiful pedicure 2019

Saturated dark colors in themselves look amazing, with their help you can make an incredibly stylish beautiful pedicure 2019. You can show your imagination by complementing the nail art with fine floral painting, rhinestones, glitter or kamifubuki. Decor can be presented as a combination of several elements. You can make a dark pedicure even deeper by applying a rub.

dark beautiful pedicure 2019

Beautiful pedicure 2019 with rubbing

Rubbing is a great solution to make a bright beautiful pedicure 2019:

  1. The rub looks like a fine, weightless powder flawlessly applied to a fresh layer of gel polish.
  2. Such an element, depending on the variety, differs in its appearance: the “Northern Lights” rubbing conveys delicate overflows, the pearl rubbing creates a delicate mother-of-pearl that will look beautiful on dark coatings and emphasize the depth of the varnish.
  3. There are gold and silver powder options.

beautiful pedicure 2019 with rubbing

Beautiful pedicure 2019 french

In the hot season, a beautiful summer pedicure 2019, made in the form of a jacket, looks very stylish:

  • the tip of the nail, highlighted in a different color, will give the image sophistication and sophistication;
  • jacket can be made in both bright and delicate nude versions, it all depends on the preferences of the fashionista;
  • the combination of a jacket with a lunar design is common.

beautiful pedicure 2019 french

Beautiful pedicure 2019 with a pattern

Drawings can surprise not only on the hands, but also on the legs:

  • the most common images are floral, plant motifs;
  • it can be a graphic or thematic drawing;
  • stars, leaves are perfect for autumn, snowflakes, New Year symbols will be a win-win solution for winter, and a beautiful 2019 pedicure with butterflies, fruits or flowers for summer.

beautiful pedicure 2019 with a pattern

Beautiful pedicure 2019 marine style

With the onset of the beach season, a very beautiful pedicure 2019, made in a marine style, becomes relevant:

  1. The nautical theme is mainly the colors associated with the sea, these are white and blue colors and the color of the sea wave.
  2. Decorations are welcome to help bring the design to life.
  3. A classic is considered a pedicure supplemented with elements such as fish, shells, anchors, pearls, palm trees, waves and algae.
  4. To create an elegant pedicure, you can use the gradient technique, the transition from turquoise to deep blue.

beautiful pedicure 2019 marine style

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