What to do if the flight is delayed? We’ve put together 25 ingenious tips on the subject to help pass the waiting time.

Whatever is done, always happens for the better! But this best must be expected, and it is important to do it with benefit and comfort. So, let’s find out the 25 most interesting things to do when your flight is delayed.

1. Find a book on your favorite topic.


Go hunting for an interesting book. You will find something interesting in the airport bookstore. Be sure to check out as many options as you can. Perhaps you are interested in a topic that has not previously fallen into your field of vision.

2. Arrange a wedding.


At some airports, such as Frankfurt or Las Vegas, you can have a wedding on the spot. Then, with a clear conscience, go on a honeymoon trip. The cost of such registration is $77 and is fully legal.

3. Develop a re-routing strategy.

Man's head

If it turns out that the flight is delayed for a very long time, you can try to get to your destination by other means of transport.

4. Rent a car.


If the flight is delayed for a long time, and you are not far away from flying, then it is advisable to hit the road in a rented car. You can also ride it around the city instead of waiting at the airport.

5. Go to the cinema.


Major airports open full-fledged cinemas in their buildings. You can pass the time with popcorn and an interesting movie.

6. Go for a walk.


Walking is an interesting and rewarding activity. Experts believe that people who like to walk are less prone to stress. Such physical activity helps to lose weight without harm to health. Physical activity is very harmonious and natural.

7. Go to bed.


Travel is always exhausting. Consider the most comfortable option for you to sleep. It can be a special comfortable chair in the airport waiting area. If your flight is delayed by more than 8 hours, the airline may issue you a hotel voucher.

8. Charge your gadgets.


Find an area for recharging gadgets. Most importantly, do not leave your equipment unattended. Professional swindlers most of all resemble respectable citizens.

9. Check what benefits your airline provides.


Depending on the level of the airline, different benefits may be provided for a serious flight delay. Some even give out vouchers for meals or a flight on another flight. It is important to know your rights in this case.

10. Don’t forget to take your medications.


If you need to take medication while traveling, it’s best to set yourself a reminder on your phone. An unusual situation can lead to the fact that you forget about the medicine.

11. Play with children.


If the children are small, sit back and take out the toys. If possible, ask the staff if there is a playground for children nearby. Feel free to run, jump, fool around. The main thing is that you do not greatly interfere with other people and do not violate public order.

12. Send on excursions.


If you have a lot of time left, then go on a tour in the city where the airport is located. When else will I have the opportunity to visit an exhibition or a museum!?

13. Just work.


If you have a device with you on which it is possible to perform work tasks, then feel free to get down to work. After all, no one will do your work for you, and you will spend your time with benefit.

14. Bring beauty.


Go for a manicure or pedicure at the airport, or maybe there is a suitable salon not far away. Yes, and updating the hairstyle will not be superfluous. What about massage?

15. It is important not to get carried away with entertainment!


Be sure to set an alarm if you go to rest or walk. Don’t expect to be in control of time yourself. It will be a shame if you miss your flight.

16. Watch people.

Railway station

Sit in a comfortable place and watch people. They are so different, but at the same time, most often they want the same thing as you. Get motivated to be more efficient in life. Look how many people around who want to be happy and rich.

17. Visit a restaurant.


Choose a cozy place and perhaps the chef will be able to please you with something original.

18. Allow yourself alcohol.


When else can you drink without remorse and unnecessary thoughts? Just enjoy good alcohol. But, remember that everything needs a measure!

19. Admire the flowers.


Even if you don’t buy anything in a flower shop, just admire the flowers. They are so different and really great.

20. Befriend someone.


Try to get to know someone. In our world, there are not many opportunities to meet new interesting people.

21. Play musical instruments.


If you know how to play, for example, the piano, find out if the airport has an instrument for visitors. You will be able to please others with beautiful music.

22. Play a game.

The game

Even if games as such are alien to you, then remember your childhood, download the game to your mobile and play!

23. Meditate.


Meditation is about stopping the swarm of thoughts in your head. Try to focus on bodily sensations and breathing.

24. Go shopping.


It’s time to please yourself with a fashionable novelty. Suddenly you find a thing that cannot be bought in your city? Exclusive is always nice.

25. Call or text someone you haven’t talked to in a while.

waiting room

Friends, classmates, relatives — there will always be a person to whom you have no time to write or call. Just the right time!

Unforeseen flight delays are an unpleasant nuance. The main thing is that you are safe, and everything else is nonsense.

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