On the Internet, there are a lot of photos that cause bewilderment, which are difficult to explain. Trying to digest what we see, we think about the authors of these masterpieces or strange personalities captured in the frame, wanting to understand what pushes people to such creativity.

There are people who, like air, need the attention of others. With the globalization of the Internet and the development of social platforms for communication and information exchange, of which there are more than four hundred in the world, of various calibers and topics, from mega-popular to little-known ones, pranksters from the people have another way to express themselves. You just take a crazy photo, the more absurd the better, and post it online, collecting likes and comments.

1. The little mermaids are getting ready for the summer too. The tail to pump up and the press will not hurt anyone.


2. When you dream of creating vivid images for the rich and famous, but for now you are training on dead leaders. Vladimir Malvinovich?


3. That’s why they are girlfriends to share everything.


4. If you are a cat girl, then a mustache on your face is a must!


5. Life hack on how to cut onions and not cry. Do we take note?

cut onion

6. To be sure not to get hurt during a gas attack.


7. Well, what about without a pancake photo shoot for Maslenitsa.

Pancake week

8. Just a master of disguise with many faces.

Master of Disguise

9. Cookies! A shock prank that shocks passers-by.


10. Fan of the game Plants vs Zombies. The confrontation between plants and zombies is endless.

Plants vs Zombies

11. The flight of fantasy of designers is sometimes, to put it mildly, surprising.

Fantasy designers

12. According to the classics of the genre, the owner of such a glamorous car should be a blonde.

Glamor car

13. Suitable manicure for those who smoke three packs of cigarettes a day.


14. The test for superflexibility of fingers and hands has been successfully passed.

Finger Flexibility

15. Real vandalism to handle ice cream this way.

Ice cream

16. Adept of the Jedi Order?


17. I love meat in all forms, especially ham!


18. All-seeing eyes.


19. Doshirak with boiled condensed milk. A dish for real gourmets!

For gourmets

20. Earrings for those who want to hear better.


21. You have to somehow stand out among the 12 million women living in Beijing.


22. Test suit, even the make-up is thought out.

In costume

23. Carrot Vitamin Bath for Soft Skin.

Carrot bath

24. The healing power of minerals or a healing procedure using stones. It hit so hard!


25. When tired of doing exercises in the usual way.


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