A beautiful manicure is the pride of any girl, and each of us strives to have perfect long nails. Of course, now you can have extensions, but if we are talking about natural ones, it will be useful to know why they sometimes break, because this can happen at the most inopportune moment.

Broken nails not only spoil the beauty of the hands, but also negatively affect the mood. The most interesting thing is that there can be a huge number of reasons for brittle nails. Sometimes it is the wrong care of the nail plate, and sometimes the culprit is a lack of vitamins. We have collected 10 reasons why a girl may suffer from brittle nails.

1. Examination is necessary

Examination required

One of the most common causes of brittle nails is health problems. A few years ago, doctors from the United States published a report stating that diseases of the gastrointestinal tract could be the culprit for brittle nails. To say more precisely which organ in question, it is necessary to undergo an examination. Also, health problems may be indicated by the fact that your favorite varnish has ceased to stay on the nail plate for a long time, peeling off a few days after application.

2. Lack of vitamin B7

Lack of vitamin B7

Doctors say that brittle nails can be caused by a lack of vitamins. In general, it has been proven that vitamin B7 is the most important in this matter. It is he who is responsible for a strong nail plate, and, accordingly, for the absence of brittleness. A multivitamin complex, as well as adding certain foods to the diet, will help correct the situation with bad nails. These include mushrooms, bananas, nuts, legumes, and eggs.

3. Lack of protein

Protein deficiency

Probably, many people know that the lack of protein in the body negatively affects the growth of nails. In order to get rid of the problem, you need to add foods containing this organic compound to your diet. These include dairy products, legumes, eggs, meat and fish. Doctors claim that this food not only has a beneficial effect on the nail plates, but also has a great effect on the hair, making them strong and fast-growing.

4. Lack of water in the body

Lack of water in the body

When the body lacks fluid, this negatively affects not only the appearance of a person, but also the internal organs. The kidneys and digestive organs are most affected. As a result, you may notice very dry skin, brittle nails and lifeless hair. Doctors note that a person should drink about 8 glasses a day of non-carbonated water. Such a volume is considered the optimal daily norm, which is necessary for the normal functioning of the body.

5. Lack of moisture

Lack of hydration

It’s no secret that hands, especially in the cold season, need to be moisturized. This suggests that it is necessary to use moisturizing and nourishing creams every day. It is believed that these cosmetics should be applied to the hands and nail plates every time the limbs have been in the water. Without such careful care, getting rid of dryness and brittle nails can be very difficult.

6. Frequent contact with detergents

Frequent contact with detergents

Doctors are sure that brittle nails are affected by what hands often encounter. Now we are talking about detergents that are used when washing dishes and cleaning. If a girl often has to deal with them, then gloves are indispensable. Beautiful and healthy nails, as well as the durability of the applied varnish, directly depend on whether gloves are worn on the hands or not. Aggressive substances that make up chemistry adversely affect the nail plates.

7. Lack of «rest» in the nails

The lack of

It is difficult to find a girl who would not do a manicure. And now we are talking not only about fashionable extensions, but also about the usual trimming procedure. In any case, the nails are subject to microtrauma, which negatively affects their condition. A coating permanently applied on top of the nail plate does not reflect well on the condition of the nails. However, you should not be afraid that bright nails will have to be abandoned forever. Doctors recommend giving the nail plates a “rest” once a week, which lasts a couple of days.

8. Improper nail filing

Improper filing of nails

It is believed that you also need to be able to use a nail file. The fact is that filing the nail plate with movements from side to side weakens the nail, leading to its breakage and delamination. To prevent this from happening, experts in the field of manicure recommend filing the nail platinum in one direction or towards the center. As for the shape, the ideal option for a long-lasting manicure is a rounded retro shape or square.

9. Cuticle trimming

Cuticle trimming

Strange as it may sound, but manicure experts recommend refusing to use tweezers. The fact is that by cutting the cuticle, the skin next to it is injured. It adheres to the nail plate and can cause inflammation. The only correct solution is to use special gels and creams that soften the cuticle, allowing it to be easily removed.

10. Use of gadgets

Using Gadgets

It is very difficult to imagine modern life without smartphones, laptops and tablets. However, for nails, their use is not something good. The fact is that when tapping on the screen or keyboard, the nail plate becomes covered with microcracks and leads to brittleness. This, by the way, is one of the reasons why nail polish does not last long on nails. In order to somehow make life easier for the nails, it is recommended to use the technique a little less and switch to a shorter manicure.

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