Winter manicure

Women’s hands are always under scrutiny, so you need to take care of your nails, maintaining their neat appearance. In order for the skin of the hands and nails to be beautiful in the winter season, you need to follow a few rules:

  1. Gloves are the best protection in the cold season, be sure to put them on before going outside.
  2. Do oil baths at least once a week, olive, almond or castor oil is perfect.
  3. Use a glass-based nail file.
  4. Apply a nourishing hand cream in the morning and evening.

Winter is the time of holidays, snow and fireworks! I want to capture all this magic for myself. Therefore, it is worth thinking about a festive manicure. We will try to give you the most fashionable ideas for winter manicure, and we hope that you will find the right one.

Beautiful winter manicure

Studying the fashion trends of winter manicure, first of all, you need to pay attention to trendy colors. This season, among the favorites were blue, green, menthol, eggplant, scarlet, cherry and silver shades. Fans of femininity and romance will love pink, purple, lemon and beige tones.

French manicure is an eternal classic that will not lose popularity this winter. For a change, a “smile” can be made using special materials for nail art. For example, using colored sand, guipure, foil or rolls. A white jacket with a blue or blue «frosty painting» looks magical.

Modern young ladies prefer to make fashionable winter manicure shimmery and shiny. To do this, you will need rhinestones, gemstones and sparkles of various colors.

The winter season is accompanied by a New Year theme. Therefore, images of holiday characters are relevant: snowmen, bunnies, deer, the Snow Maiden and Santa Claus. You can also draw snowflakes, Christmas trees, candles, spruce branches and Christmas decorations. For New Year’s design, you can use various fabrics, feathers, lace, nets, rhinestones and sparkles.

Gzhel painting in white and blue tones is ideal for winter manicure on long nails. Scandinavian patterns on the nails also look attractive. There are no restrictions on color schemes, but the most popular are red and white and blue and white patterns.

Winter manicure on short nails

Modeling on nails has long been a thing of the past, today at the peak of popularity, the Caviar style is covering the nail with small pebbles resembling caviar. Do not forget that asymmetry is in fashion, so you can decorate one or two nails in this way, and paint the others in a contrasting or harmonious color. Believe me, it will turn out very beautiful and stylish.

Owners of neat short nails should take a closer look at the “minx” mirror stickers. Gold, chrome or silver colors will give your hands elegance and festive mood. Metal nails always look original, interesting and stylish.

Simplicity and naturalness will never go out of fashion. Use pastel shades for a laconic manicure; decoration in the form of sophisticated snowflakes or stars will not be superfluous. This manicure is great on short nails. Gradient manicure has long won the youth audience. The variety of options for the transition of one color to another fascinates and delights.

Gothic manicure, using black and graphite tones, will add mystery and eccentricity to you at any time of the year.

Come up with your own winter design by experimenting with color, design and texture. Vivat permissiveness! Good luck with your winter manicure!

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