what nails are in fashion in 2014

Modern fashion says that minimalism and a natural look are popular this season, and nails are no exception. At first glance, it may seem that such a manicure is a bit boring, but not this season! Stylish nail design 2014 looks stunning in a palette of transparent, milky, beige, light brown and pink shades. Such pastel shades of varnish perfectly emphasize the ideal shape of the nails, which this year should be almond-shaped or oval.

Classic in red

Fashion for nails 2014 does not bypass the always popular shades of red. This season, a blood-red, rich tone is especially relevant. This shade of varnish will add some mystery to the whole image, while giving charm and style. It is especially popular now to combine such a shade of varnish with red lipstick, which can be several tones darker or lighter than the varnish itself. Nail fashion 2014 also offers many other variations on the theme of red — for example, you can choose a shade of burgundy, fuchsia or ripe cherries. No less popular are berry palettes with a metallic or suede effect.

Creativity, how could it be without it

Although designers prefer a neutral manicure this year, no one is in a hurry to refuse creativity and originality. Nails, the style of which is very diverse in 2014, can be the very “highlight” of your entire look, especially if you boldly experiment with a wide variety of shades. You can also use stickers, a variety of patterns, combine many colors, use inscriptions and various patterns (for example, a checkerboard).

In other words, be that as it may, there is always a place for unusual solutions, so any fashionista can choose something suitable for herself, even if at first glance it seems that the choice is a bit narrow.

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