Wedding manicure shellac

It’s no secret that a wedding is an event, the success of which lies in taking into account and implementing all the conceived little things and ideas. Shellac wedding manicure is one of the most important stages in the process of creating a beautiful image of the bride, and therefore, its choice, as well as the purchase of a dress, should be approached with due attention.

Wedding manicure shellac — gently and naturally

Today, a girl preparing for the most important celebration of her life can choose various options for her nails:

  • traditional manicure with a plain coating or pattern;
  • shellac;
  • extension.

Very popular lately wedding manicure with gel polish, which attracts girls with its simplicity and at the same time originality. The procedure for applying it is somewhat different from the usual coating with traditional varnish and has the features of an extension technique, since the nails are slightly cut off before the direct application of shellac. Wedding manicure shellac (or shellac) looks very gentle, elegant, and most importantly natural, since no manipulations are carried out to lengthen the nails. At the same time, the coating can be completely different, ranging from plain, pastel colors, ending with complex patterns with the addition of rhinestones and sparkles. A wedding manicure with shellac lasts about two weeks, which will allow its owner to safely go on a honeymoon trip with her beloved without worrying about the beauty of her hands.

Extensions are a great choice for a wedding manicure.

Another no less common option is a wedding manicure on extended nails, which opens up no less, if not more, field for the realization of original ideas. Unusual rhinestones, complex patterns, liquid stones, original drawings, foil — the number of materials used for decor here is in the tens. A wedding manicure on extended nails looks very festive, and sometimes it is appropriate only on one main day of the celebration, but in everyday life it seems too pretentious. This must be remembered when deciding on experiments. In addition, choosing an extension for a wedding manicure, it is recommended to take into account the features of the outfit and strive to ensure that everything is harmonious and compatible. Perhaps the pattern on the nails will repeat the pattern of the wedding dress, or harmonize with the wedding ring.

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