very dry skin on hands what to do

Very dry hand skin, with cracks, not only looks unaesthetic and is unpleasant to the touch, but also gives a lot of discomfort to its owner. Therefore, when faced with this problem, it should be addressed immediately.

Causes of very dry hands

We list the most common factors that provoke severe dry skin of the hands:

  • poor hand skin care (or lack thereof);
  • exposure to household chemicals;
  • exposure to hard water;
  • low humidity in the room;
  • the influence of natural factors (UV radiation, wind, frost, etc.);
  • lack of fluid;
  • lack of vitamins in the body.

What to do if the skin of the hands is very dry?

First of all, you should find out what is the reason for this, and try to eliminate the provoking factor. Further, it is recommended to provide the hands with maximum care and care. When performing any daily work involving the use of water, chemicals, it is advisable to wear protective gloves. After washing your hands, you need to wipe them dry, and, preparing to go outside in cold weather, put on warm gloves while still at home.

An important point is to choose a good cream for everyday care of dry skin of the hands, which will provide the necessary hydration, nutrition and protection. You can also contact the salon, where they will offer a wide variety of procedures to normalize the condition of the skin of the hands:

You can also use homemade masks for very dry hand skin based on natural ingredients. Here is a recipe for one of the effective remedies.

Hand mask


  • lemon juice — 2 table. spoons;
  • yolk — 1 pc.;
  • honey — 1 table. a spoon;
  • flax oil — 1 table. a spoon.

Preparation and application

After mixing all the ingredients and slightly heating in a water bath, apply and put on cotton gloves. Keep the mask for at least an hour, but it is better to leave it overnight.

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