trendy nails 2016

Delicate, always well-groomed and beautiful hands are an important component of a modern female harmonious image. And even despite our strong constant workload and intense rhythm of life, we still need to set aside time for systematic hand care. And a manicure that will add attractiveness and aesthetics to them, ideally, should be both flawless and stylish enough. Considering all of the above and using the most fashionable trends in modern nail design in 2016, our fashionistas will be able to transform and bring novelty to their attractive image.

Fashionable nail shape 2016

So what nails will be fashionable and incredibly stylish in 2016? It should be borne in mind that on female nails that do not have a neat beautiful shape, even the most cutting-edge and stylish nail art will not look aesthetically pleasing. Since fashion currently welcomes natural and natural beauty, stylists insist that short nails will be fashionable and relevant in 2016. Despite the fact that most fashionistas prefer and make their choice in favor of square-shaped nails, it should be noted that almond-shaped and oval-shaped nails are necessarily short, very fashionable length of nails in 2016, have a more natural and harmonious look. Also, the fashionable short length of nails is also very practical in modern life, and with a bright varnish in the new season of 2016 it will look just amazing.

Trendy nail polish color 2016

We present to your attention an incredibly fashionable rich and bright palette of colors for nails in the new season of 2016:

  • warm turquoise color perfect for blondes and red-haired fashionistas. This color is ideal for young girls who prefer denim;
  • sacred coral or vinyl red, combining femininity, elegance and seduction, will be indispensable in combination with evening dresses;
  • sparkling violet colorsuitable for snow-white clothes and a bright bikini;
  • mint blues — such a neat, clean and fairly fresh color is ideal for any time of the year;
  • vinyl yellow – accent and attractive color for bold and bright fashionistas;
  • dark lavender;
  • hot coral;
  • deserted beach or the new nude — this color is also ideal for any season and is perfect for various events, combined with any clothes;
  • classic bright pink — this feminine color has been relevant for 10 years;
  • confetti — a rather unusual varnish, consisting of large and small coral, violet and pastel pink particles.

Fashion ideas in nail design 2016

With each new season, a stylish fashionable manicure is complemented by new ideas, and we also observe quite stable positions of some old trends. The aesthetic application of decorative elements, drawings, patterns and ornaments on nails will continue to be in trend. Quite fashionable and popular patterns on the nails in 2016 will be various geometric patterns in the form of squares, triangles, cells.

The drawing in the form of a frame looks unusual and very impressive. In the composition, the center of the nails is filled with one color of varnish, and then the outline of the nail is highlighted with another contrasting color.

Very stylish and neat manicure using fashionable monophonic varnish. And artistically selected one or two nails with a fashionable pattern organically complete the composition and make it quite creative.

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