trendy nail color 2014

The new summer season will be bright and unforgettable for fashionistas in any way, as trendy catchy outfits will be complemented by bold colors of nails. Popular nail colors for 2014 include bright shades such as orange, gold, yellow, silver, blue and white.

Stylish nail color 2014

The color of extended nails 2014 is distinguished not only by neutrality and naturalness, but also by darker tones. Pay attention to saturated colors, such as purple, burgundy, black, olive, blue and deep turquoise. The three leaders in the colors of the summer season are gray, blue and orange tones.

Do not lose popularity and natural colors of nails 2014. Well-groomed almond-shaped or oval small nails of a milky or flesh-colored shade always remain in trend. Nails can also be painted in delicate pink or peach shades. It should be borne in mind that they do not have to be mother-of-pearl, bright and iridescent, since matte varnishes look very original.

The popularity of translucent tones is based on natural beauty and excellent combination with any color and style of clothing. If such shades seem too calm and boring to you, then you can pick up a catchy and original varnish in the color of lipstick. Fashion designers in the summer season recommend choosing a catchy manicure that will be noticeable from afar. Various color experiments are also popular with shades such as pink, red, green, blue, lilac, black, white and gray. It is not necessary to choose plain nails, a manicure will look very original, where each nail is painted with varnish of different colors, especially if there is a smooth color transition between these tones.

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