Square Nail Design 2014

Despite the fact that square nails are no longer in trend this season, nevertheless, there are fashionistas who prefer this shape exclusively and do not agree to change to another. We will dedicate today’s review to the nail design of 2014, which can be applied to a square shape.

Drawings on square nails 2014

Let’s start with the fact that the square shape of the nails, in addition to looking very attractive, also has a number of features:

  • on a square shape, any design looks very impressive;
  • the nail can be of any length;
  • square shape is ideal for girls with thin and long fingers;
  • square shaped extensions last much longer than any other shape.

In 2014, elongated nails are in fashion, but too long square nails will be completely irrelevant. In the new season, stylists offered a lot of ideas for creating an original design, where different techniques are used. For example, a very fashionable design in 2014 is considered a gradient, which looks especially beautiful on square nails.

If by nature your nails are thin and brittle, then do not despair, because with the help of extensions you can have beautiful square nails, decorated with fashionable French manicure in 2014. By the way, this year the jacket appeared before us in a new version, so, in addition to the classic jacket, lunar and vertical are in fashion, as well as the use of two or even three stripes. The combination of a jacket with artistic modeling looks very gentle. For brighter and more extraordinary girls, a jacket with bright colors will be a cool addition to the look.

And finally, I would like to highlight the main trend of this year, this is chic and brilliance, so when creating a design, do not forget about additional decorations, such as rhinestones, sparkles, stencils, gold casting and beads.

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