silicone hand cream

Beautiful and well-groomed hands today are not a luxury, as it was in ancient times, when women were engaged in serious physical labor, and only folk remedies were in the arsenal. Now, even if a woman has to spend most of her time in the kitchen, cleaning or planting and picking vegetables in the garden, it is possible to have well-groomed hands, and one of the main helpers in this is silicone cream.

Silicone-based products have firmly entered our lives, no matter how suspicious natures resist this, believing that this substance in cosmetics harms the skin and hair.

A silicone-based cream, unlike conventional ones, covers the hands with a protective film, and this prevents chapping, peeling of the skin on the fingers, a feeling of skin tightness (if you have to work with earth or other drying substances), and rapid evaporation of moisture. That is why silicone cream is especially relevant for housewives who often come into contact with chemicals for washing and do not use gloves.

Protective silicone hand cream: main functions

Silicone protective cream after application envelops the skin with a film that has a water-repellent effect. Of course, this tool cannot replace gloves if there is contact with acid, alkali or bleach.

In addition, the cream softens the skin of the hands, after which it becomes smoother, brighter and becomes pleasant not only in appearance, but also to the touch.

Despite the fact that manufacturers claim that this cream protects the skin from alkali, acids and salts, if there are damaged areas — scratches, abrasions, you should not use it instead of gloves.

Silicone cream must be constantly applied to the skin during work, as it is absorbed into the skin and partially rubbed off. This is one of its main disadvantages, given the fact that hands with cream slip, which is why it is unsafe to hold fragile objects with such a protective cream.

silicone creamThe composition of the silicone cream

The composition of this tool is simple: glycerin — a good moisturizer for the skin, mineral oil — nourishes the skin and allows silicones to «adhere» to the skin, as well as modern silicones, which create a protective barrier.

silicone cream manufacturers

Silicone cream is inexpensive — it is an economical remedy, which is practically in no way inferior in its composition to many foreign creams with vitamin supplements, the effect of which not everyone can notice.

The most popular silicone cream manufacturers are Svoboda and Kalina.

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