shellac at home step by step

Flawless nail polish within two or even four weeks is no longer a fantasy with the invention of Shellac, a specially formulated product that took years to develop. This heavy-duty lacquer stands up to housework and household chemicals, retaining shine and uniformity where a conventional finish would chip and crack.

The disadvantages of such a manicure include a relatively small risk of developing an infectious disease of the nails, which also occurs with extensions. In addition, the procedure in the salon will cost a tidy sum, so we will consider how to make shellac step by step at home.

What will be needed?

For self-application of Shellac-coating, you must acquire:

  • grinding file;
  • disinfectant or regular nail polish remover;
  • UV lamp with a power of at least 36 W;
  • base coat;
  • colored shellac, the palette of which, by the way, is very rich;
  • top (top) coating;
  • lint-free napkins or special sponges;
  • a means for removing the sticky layer from the nails.

The above is the minimum without which shellac manicure at home cannot be done.

Preparation for the procedure

Before you start applying shellac to your nails at home, you need to steam the handles, softening the cuticle, push it back with a stick and cut it off. The shape of the nails is leveled with scissors and a file. When the classic edged manicure is done, they proceed to the actual coating with heavy-duty varnish.

How to make shellac at home?


  1. Polish the nail plate with a soft file for polishing.
  2. make shellac at home 1

  3. Wipe the nails with a disinfectant or liquid with acetone to degrease the surface.
  4. make shellac at home 2

  5. The bottom (base) layer is applied, sealing the ends of the nail.
  6. make shellac at home 3

  7. Dry the layer in a UV lamp for 1 minute (in an LED lamp — 10 s).
  8. make shellac at home 4

  9. The first thin layer of colored varnish is applied without sealing the ends.
  10. make shellac at home

  11. Dry 1 — 2 minutes under the lamp.
  12. make shellac at home 6

  13. A second, thicker color layer is applied, removing excess with an orange or plastic stick. Dry 1 — 2 minutes under the lamp.
  14. make shellac at home 7

  15. Apply a top coat in a thick layer, sealing the ends. Dry for 3 minutes (or 30 seconds in an LED lamp).
  16. make shellac at home 8

  17. Moisten a lint-free cloth in a special product and remove the sticky layer. Ordinary acetone can be used as an alternative, but it often takes away the shine of the finish. But napkins cannot be replaced with cotton pads, because. the villi will stick to the nails and ruin the manicure.
  18. make shellac at home 9

  19. The same manipulations are performed with the second hand.
  20. make shellac at home 10

As you can see, applying shellac at home with the varnish itself, base and top, as well as a UV lamp, is a fairly simple procedure that any lady can handle.

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