how to deal with postpartum depression

What is postpartum depression is well known to almost every woman who has given birth. When instead of a feeling of joy and happiness, fear and sadness settle in the soul. Constant anxiety, irritability, sometimes even to the baby, self-doubt, apathy — all these are symptoms of the so-called postpartum depression.

The reasons for the occurrence of this disease are actually many, and they are diverse. Depending on how long postpartum depression lasts and what its causes are, you can look for ways to overcome it. Also, how to deal with postpartum depression is affected by its severity.

How to deal with postpartum depression?

Doctors distinguish several types of blues after childbirth:

  1. postpartum stress — this is just a depressed state that occurs in every woman a few days after the birth of a child. Such a mood is considered quite natural due to the fact that a woman is faced with duties unknown to her to this day. Increased sense of responsibility and anxiety for the baby. Often, mild postpartum depression goes away on its own, when the mother gradually gets used to her new role, the hormonal background returns to normal, and lactation improves.
  2. When the real one starts postpartum depression, here it’s worth seriously thinking about how to get rid of it. Postpartum depression can be experienced by women after both natural childbirth and cesarean delivery. Most often, the main cause of this condition is physical and moral fatigue. Ways to get out of postpartum depression should be sought together with your spouse, and also do not be shy to ask for help from relatives. How do you deal with postpartum depression?
  • try to plan your day in such a way that it leaves at least a little time for yourself: let it be half an hour to take a bath, do a manicure or just lie down in silence;
  • do not try to do all the housework yourself, some household duties can be taken over by a spouse;
  • grandmothers can also sit with the baby or take a walk with him on the street, and in the meantime you will rest or calmly cook;
  • you can get rid of postpartum depression if you at least sometimes remember yourself as a woman: going to a beauty salon or updating your wardrobe will not take very much time, but it will definitely lift your mood;
  • do not forget about your friends, communication more than ever now will help overcome postpartum depression;
  • if the silhouette in the mirror does not please with its forms, causes negative feelings, it’s time to do fitness;
  • nothing will cheer you up like a walk in the fresh air, and it also effectively helps fight postpartum depression;
  • how to overcome postpartum depression

  • the main thing is to remember that although you are a mother, you are not able to control everything, and no matter how much you want, you won’t be able to save your child from everything: there will be good and bad days ahead, this is all natural. A baby can receive full attention and love only from a healthy mother.
  • If you treat postpartum depression as something frivolous and do not fight it, then in the future it can develop into postpartum psychosis. This is a serious illness that requires medical attention and sometimes hospitalization.
  • It is worth noting that postpartum depression also occurs in men. Dads, of course, are less susceptible to this disease, but this also happens. After all, the birth of a child makes adjustments in the life of each family member.

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