orange manicure

Orange color is very positive, bright and sunny. So it is not surprising that in the summer, many girls make themselves an orange manicure. Indeed, firstly, such a manicure will be a good addition to any image, and, secondly, it will add a good mood to you. Of course, the easiest way to get an orange manicure is to simply cover your nails with this polish in a neat way. But sometimes you really want some variety and originality! Let’s see how you can make an interesting and unusual manicure in orange, which will emphasize your individuality.

Manicure with orange varnish

As noted before, you can simply paint your nails orange. For example, such an orange manicure will look great on short nails. But if this method seems too simple to you, then you can add a little originality to it. To do this, you will need at least two different shades of orange. One will be the main one, and you will use the second one exclusively for painting the nail on the ring finger of each hand. If you take more varnishes of different shades of orange, you can make a very interesting, but at the same time extremely simple manicure.

You can also do an orange French manicure. If a few years ago it was the classic version of the French manicure with white and transparent varnish that was in fashion, now experiments are welcome. You can add some other color to orange. For example, brown or yellow is perfect.

No less interesting is the manicure with craquelure, which came into fashion a few years ago, and remains so in it. A bright orange manicure with black or white cracked lines will look extremely impressive.

If you like something completely unusual, catchy and bright, then make yourself a manicure in orange tones with a variety of patterns. Everything here is based solely on your imagination. You can draw simple lines, circles, or you can take on more complex patterns or images. It all depends on your imagination and wishes. For example, for summer, the image of palm trees or sunsets is perfect. Since animal prints continue to be fashionable this season, you can make yourself a leopard manicure. Striped nails look extremely attractive, especially if you choose the right color scheme. But if you don’t like clear geometric shapes, then you can do a manicure with color stains and spots. Ideas are many. The main thing is to choose the one that is right for you.

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