2014 is rich in changes not only in the fashion industry, but also in the art of manicure. This year, natural beauty is in fashion, but the presence of elements of chic and brilliance is a must, as this is the main trend of the new season. We offer you to get acquainted with the fashionable novelties of nail design 2014.

New in nail design 2014

The main novelty of 2014 is the shape of the nails. Square nails have already ceased to be relevant, now the main hit is the almond-shaped and oval shape of the nails. Moreover, the length should be medium, not too short and not ultra long. For girls who do not change their tastes and prefer exclusively square nails, there is a great alternative to also be in trend: the edges of the nails need to be slightly filed to get a more rounded shape. The result is something between a square and an oval shape.

As for the new designs on the nails, in 2014 the classic jacket also underwent some changes. There are many more types of French manicure, namely the use of a vertical jacket, a jacket with two and three stripes, and the main hit is the moon jacket, which was invented by the stylists of the Christian Dior brand. The moon jacket is made from the side of the cuticle in the form of a crescent, and its uniqueness lies in the fact that the color scheme can be used differently, ranging from classic white and beige to black, red, yellow and other bright colors.

Also the main novelty of 2014 are metallic colors, among which the most popular are gold, silver, bronze and some other brilliant shades.

To create an original design, stylists recommend using various decorative elements, these can be special stencils, sparkles, rhinestones, beads, drawings, and artistic modeling is also suitable for more solemn occasions.

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