New manicure 2016

In the coming season of 2016, manicure novelties are acquiring new interesting fashion trends. Professionals in the field of nail art offer bright, bold enough solutions and creative ideas for nail design. In order to be in trend all year long, you need to tirelessly observe fashion trends and novelties of manicure in 2016.

New beautiful manicure 2016

Stylish jacket — This is a rather elegant type of manicure. The new idea will be that the delicate palette of pastels can be confidently and boldly replaced by richer deep colors, such as bright burgundy or passionate red. As before, creative decoration with multi-colored rhinestones and sparkles is welcome.

Lunar manicure radically different from the previously known generally accepted standard jacket. Thanks to bold contrasting solutions, bright, unique compositions are obtained that allow you to satisfy the most capricious fashionista and express your individuality. And various rich options for this manicure can be easily chosen for both seasoned office style and exotic parties.

manicure gradient — this is a fashionable, rather original harmonious artistic coating for nails. Due to smoothly flowing and accurate transitions of shades of varnish, similar in color, there is a visual lengthening of the nails. At the same time, your fingers become more graceful and elegant. The variety of the palette of modern varnishes allows you to boldly experiment and create works of art.

Negative space nail art (negative space) — a novelty of fashionable manicure in 2016. Many well-known fashion designers in the field of nail art have proposed this option. This technique involves the presence of unpainted varnish areas on the nails, creating the effect of incompleteness.

Lace designs on nails are also becoming more and more popular. For example, if the lace pattern is black, then red, beige or white varnish is used as the basis. Or, blanks of lace are glued on top of the covered transparent varnish.

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