marine manicure

Everyone knows well that they “meet by clothes”, but then the interlocutor’s gaze will surely fall on his hands. And it doesn’t matter who is in front of you: a man or a woman. Hands and nails should always be well-groomed! A coquettish female nature loves to attract attention and nails — the epicenter of increased «boasting».

Nautical manicure is a favorite summer theme, which is not at all surprising in the beach season. Let’s plunge into the wonderful world of nail art, which serves faithfully to the weak half of humanity, bewitching men more than the paintings of famous artists.

In manicure, the marine theme is not only “blue sea and yellow sand”. The whole summer palette is at your service: blue-berquoise range (water), orange-yellow (sun), beige shades (sand), green (plants). And the paraphernalia is even richer! See: stripes, waves, shells, anchors, palm trees, seagulls, bubbles, rays of the sun, fish, chains, clouds, algae. You can list for a long time, believe me, it’s just a fantasy.

A nautical-themed manicure is the feeling of a summer vacation, even if it only shines in winter. It is not necessary to be able to draw superbly to decorate your nails with a marine-themed manicure. For example, pick up three shades of lacquer in blue-blue tones and get started!

Technique for performing a simple marine nail design — “waves”:

  1. Prepare what you need: three varnishes (shades of blue, you can include white), adhesive tape and scissors.
  2. Paint over the entire nail plate with one color and dry this layer thoroughly.
  3. Stick a «wave» of adhesive tape on the middle of the nail.
  4. Paint the top with one color and the bottom with another.
  5. Remove the tape, apply a fixative varnish to even out the layers.
  6. marine manicure 1

Moreover, this version of a marine manicure on short nails looks great! The manicure “mix” looks very simple and coquettish, where you can create a real masterpiece from the same three colors: a pair of nails with “waves”, and paint the rest in various colors from this palette.

Wedding manicure in a marine style

The warm season is the time of wedding ceremonies. And, of course, most often they take place outdoors. If your wedding is near the water, then give up the boring “bride jacket”, and give preference to a romantic manicure of a marine theme. Very original and pretty! Let’s take a look at how to make a marine manicure for a bride.

The white and blue color scheme in the image of the bride is something! Let a white-blue bouquet be in the hands of a tender beauty, and a starfish in her hair. And the graceful hands of the bride will be captured in family photos: here the groom puts on a ring, here the bride raises a glass of champagne … Manicure should be impeccable and discreet. If you are not sure that you can handle this, then visit a beauty salon. The master will give you a marine-themed wedding manicure properly.

Popularity does not lose the «watercolor effect», which creates a slight feeling of drawing from under the glass. There shouldn’t be any pressure! This also applies to colors and decor. Nails with a transparent background or in a delicate milky scale are preferred. The drawings are elegant and made in light colors. Discreet decor is very appropriate. It is selected depending on the overall outfit: gold, pearls, silver. For these purposes, special threads for nail art, beads, rhinestones and acrylic paints are used.

And yet, if you are an admirer of French manicure and want to do it in a marine style, then a simple tip will help you. Decorate the tip of the nail with one color from the “sea” range and separate it with a thin strip from the main background. Be charming, both on your wedding day and all the days after it.

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