nail polish 2014

Well-groomed hands with a stylish manicure are a kind of visiting card of a modern woman. And the combination of the color of nail polish with your favorite lipstick or the general tone of the outfit can tell a lot about its owner. What does nail art offer for fashionistas this year?

Nail polishes: colors 2014

Expert advice varies by season. For example, for the cold season in 2014, red and black are in trend. A black manicure is perfect for an evening dress, but in its pure form it is unlikely to fit for work or study. When choosing a red color for a manicure, one should take into account the physiological characteristics of its wearer. If the veins on the hands have a bluish tint, you should choose a varnish with a shade of lilac, if greenish, feel free to choose scarlet and orange, but burgundy varnish will go to owners of dark, not translucent skin. Another plus is that the above-described nail polish colors for short nails, which are so fashionable this year, will fit perfectly.

However, there are also disadvantages. Men often perceive black and red polish as too gloomy or aggressive. The way out can be a combination of these colors of nail polish with more restrained ones (say a jacket with a black or burgundy rim), or the use of natural colors that are no less fashionable this year. Moreover, they are recommended by nail art masters in the spring-summer season. A fashionable nude manicure involves delicate pink, flesh, cream tones on almond-shaped nails.

For bright girls, stylists have reserved feminine shades from the top ten trendy colors of this year — sky blue, pistachio, light lilac, rich lemon and cayenne. This combination of colors in a rainbow manicure looks quite original.

Well, staunch supporters of long square-shaped marigolds can afford again popular metallic colors this year, or still fashionable satin varnishes.

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