Nail design spring 2016

A woman who follows fashion trends in clothing and accessories must be aware of seasonal nail design novelties. Every year the seasonality in this business is more and more aligned. Designers continue to work on more versatile nail art options for any season. Nevertheless, there are features of spring design this year.

Fashionable nails for spring 2016

Among the trendy colors of nail polish for spring 2016 were orange, white, yellow, emerald. Classic red was replaced with scarlet and crimson hues. Black fades into the background, but only in the role of a monochromatic coating. But it is often used as a background color or for applying patterns. Since last season, pastel colors, matte varnish, as well as sparkles of various sizes have remained relevant.

Drawings on the nails in the spring of 2016

Traditionally, floral designs remained relevant for spring: poppies, daisies, roses, lilacs and more. For greater originality, you can take black varnish as a basis. Thanks to the contrasting dark background and bright colors, your nails will be very expressive. One of the most fashionable and versatile elements when creating a pattern on nails in the spring of 2016 was a strip. It can be vertical, horizontal, diagonal, thick or thin — it all depends on your imagination.

Also, simple geometric shapes will look interesting on the nails. It is worth paying attention to the triangle. It can not only beautifully decorate nails, but also visually lengthen them. This technique is very simple, and at the same time incredibly effective.

For a party, patterns can be supplemented with artificial pebbles or rhinestones.

New nail designs for spring 2016

Abstractionism has now gained such popularity that the features of this style can be traced in the design of nails. The height of craftsmanship and taste is when the drawing complements or continues the ring on the finger.

French on nails in the spring of 2016 is still relevant. The use of contrasting and bright colors has almost completely replaced the traditional classic performance of this type of manicure. Drawing a picture over a jacket also remains fashionable.

When using trendy colors for nail design in spring 2016, do not forget to combine them correctly. The combination of «shoes-bag-manicure» is a thing of the past. The main task of manicure is to complement the image, to make it complete and complete. Experiment and stay in trend!

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