nail decor

A good manicure can complement the image. Well-groomed hands are an indicator that a girl takes care of herself. There are many types of decor on nails. Change the manicure depending on the clothes and your mood, and then you will always look stylish and well-groomed.

Making a trendy manicure

Modern clothes are also associated with «juicy» colors in clothes, manicure and make-up. Nevertheless, for several seasons in a row, dark glossy varnishes have not ceased to be seen on the fingers of fashionistas. Among the favorites are dark colors of red, brown, blue and chocolate.

Nail art decor is considered fashionable. Try your hand at futuristic or high-tech prints. Relevant geometric shapes in the form of stripes, dots, ellipses, rhombuses and circles. Don’t be afraid to play with colors. A popular decor for nails is a contrasting moon manicure — it’s stylish and creative.

Canvas for decorating nails at home are shades of white. It can serve as a basis for nail-art, and be an independent coating. Pastel shades are now very much in demand, as they are suitable for almost any outfit.

We advise you to slightly revive the “French classics”. Make the usual white tip contrast with the standard French base (beige, soft pink, milky). Rhinestone nail decor is also a very interesting option. Glitter, mica, foil or special minx stickers — that’s a creative approach to business. The «metal» coatings will also help to look dazzling. Store shelves are filled with textured varnishes, including «sand». They really feel like sand to the touch. You will find any shade.

Modern materials for manicure

The most popular and optimal in price are conventional enamel varnishes. They can be matte, glossy, colorless. A high-quality manicure based on this coating will last about a week. If you want to get a much more durable base, then use gel polish (shellac), which is especially true for a business trip or vacation. Biogel is suitable for you if you have fragile nails, but periodic correction is required here.

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