manicure trends 2014

The world of fashion is so big and interesting that it has long covered all sorts of details and subtleties, the ideal image is harmony from the top of the head to the tips of the nails. Fashion shows are a thing of the past, setting their own pace and placing accents on style trends, explaining to fashionistas everything to the smallest detail, shedding light on modern trends in manicure as well. Let’s plunge into the bright world of nail design, which impresses us with its scope and dazzles with imagination.

Fashion trends in manicure

The latest trends in the world of manicure have become the fashion for oval-shaped nails of medium length. For the past few years, naturalness and natural beauty have been in trend. Therefore, the rounded shape of the nails replaced the square and rectangular ones. When choosing the length of nails, do not overdo it, the fashion for both long and too short nails is a thing of the past.

Pastel and cream tones are the basis of current trends in this season’s manicure. This choice is appropriate and practical in all life situations. Glossy, as well as matte varnishes are acceptable, but the color should be chosen pale pink or beige. The favorite red color has not yet lost its relevance, so choosing a manicure in red shades? pay attention to the color of the scarlet blood. New trends in manicure will be the fashion for textured suede nails and metallic colors. Manicure art offers snake nail decoration, and the image of celebrity portraits among the fashion trends in manicure made a splash!

Use the fashion trends of 2014 offered by stylists in manicure! You can harmoniously complete any look with a trendy manicure, and if you wish, focus on your hands. Experiment and surprise with a perfectly fashionable manicure!

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