stamping manicure

Every season, designers delight fashionistas with new ideas for stylish looks that emphasize individuality, originality, and compliance with fashion trends. Today, one of these innovations has become a beautiful stamping manicure. A special set for stamping imprints any designs you like on your nails. Such nail-art can be easily done on your own at home, which significantly saves time and costs on going to the salon or to the master. In addition, your nails will be perfectly uniform and neat. And what else is needed to complete a stylish look and add a touch of charm to it?

Stamping Manicure Ideas

Today, there are a lot of manicure options with stamping. After all, the chosen drawing is a matter of fantasy. However, stylists still offer the most popular design ideas that will always show good taste.

Floral manicure with stamping. Drawings of flowers, leaves and buds on the nails are popular not for the first season in a row. Thanks to the stamping technique, this design will make your hands delicate and romantic, even when using rich shades of varnishes. Most often, color printing is done on a solid basis with a color that is one tone brighter or paler.

Lace stamping design. Lace on the nails is the trend of the current season. However, fixing lace flaps is a rather painstaking and long work. A stamping manicure will quickly cope with this task, and outwardly the design will be no worse than decor made from real material.

Drawings-stamping on nails. If you want to complete your look in a youthful style, then shadow contrasting stamping patterns will suit you. Images of animals, various symbols and colors are considered the most popular for this kind of design.

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