Many women believe that the perfect manicure necessarily involves long nails. They really look sexy and beautiful, but short nails are in trend today. If you constantly look after them, then your hands will look feminine and attractive.

French manicure on short nails — the trend of 2013

Since naturalness is in fashion now, French manicure is very popular. This option is versatile and practical, it is suitable for both work and parties. In addition, the jacket visually lengthens the nail plate. Apply modern solutions using multi-colored French varnishes. Rhinestones, sparkles and stickers look very nice.

Stylish manicure on short nails

On short nails, craquelure looks spectacular — cracking varnish. The base base is better to choose a contrasting shade. It is not the first season that lace appliqués are in fashion. To lengthen the nail — choose vertical curls and patterns. Lace and lacquer can be either the same tone or different colors.

Make a simple trendy manicure on short nails using special chains. Small shiny beads also look great. You can decorate them with only two or three fingers. The result will be amazing!

Creative manicure on short nails

A gradient manicure is a transition from a light shade to a darker color. On short nails, the transition from pale pink to bright crimson, or from blue to turquoise, from light green to emerald green, or from gray to black looks beautiful. Volumetric drawings, marble design and nail piercings look bewitching.

There are many ways to make your short nails stylish and trendy. The main thing is constant care! So look at the photos and go experiment!

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