how to make matte nails

Glossy manicure is already rather tired of modern women, especially since pronounced shine is not in trend now. Therefore, many are looking for simple techniques on how to make matte nails. They look much more interesting and elegant, more refined and richer, especially in bright and dark colors. In addition, both a simple design and complex nail art look better on a matte manicure.

How to make matte nails yourself at home?

When using conventional varnishes, you can achieve the desired effect using 4 methods.

The easiest option on how to make matte nails at home is to purchase a finished varnish without a glossy sheen. They cost a little more than usual, but greatly facilitate the procedure.

The second simple way is to buy a matte finish. A special transparent composition will remove the glossy sheen from any standard varnish.

There is also a technique on how to make matte nails using water vapor. First you need to boil water in a pot or kettle — to make a steam bath. Then step-by-step staining of the nail plates is performed. After applying varnish on 1-2 fingers, you should immediately, without waiting for drying, bring them to the bath and hold for about a minute over the steam at a distance of 15-20 cm. The rest of the nails are matted in the same way.

The last, fourth, technology involves the addition of starch to the varnish. It is important to have time to quickly make up the plates, as the mixture immediately becomes thicker.

How to make matte nails for manicure with gel polish?

how to make matte nails at home

In this case, there are also several methods for getting rid of glossy shine:

  1. Use ready-made matte shellac.
  2. Pour velvet sand effect acrylic powder onto a damp top coat, then dry in a lamp.
  3. Apply a matte top coat as you would for regular polishes.
  4. Sand the top layer of gel polish with a buff of 180-220 grit. When using this method, it is better to cover the nails with 2 layers of shellac.
  5. Apply a special matte dust to the top.

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