Today we will look at one of the most popular types of trendy manicure — a beautiful gradient! Smooth transitions from one tone to another on the surface of the nails look impressive and original. Therefore, this nail art has long been a leader among other types of manicure. Creating a color gradient is not so difficult, even an unprepared person can independently perform such a design.

Manicure gradient at home

Such an unusual design opens up wide possibilities for choosing a color palette. You can use decorative varnishes of the same tone or contrasting combinations. Shades that lie in the color spectrum through one look very beautiful, for example, fuchsia and pale pink, or turquoise and menthol.

To create a gradient on your nails, you will need two decorative polishes, a piece of foil or film, a small sponge or sponge with a fine-grained surface, and nail polish remover. And now let’s look at the sequence of implementation of the gradient effect:

  1. On a sponge or sponge, apply two strips of varnish of the selected colors side by side.
  2. gradient on nails 1

  3. With this sponge, we apply varnish on the nail with blotting movements. Pressing movements should be light in order to get a smooth transition.
  4. gradient on nails 2

  5. After all the nails are completely dry, remove the excess with a cotton swab.
  6. gradient on nails 3

  7. Be sure to apply a top coat of a clear coat.
  8. gradient on nails 4

shellac gradient

A gradient on the nails can also be done using the now popular method called shellac. But it is difficult to perform this type of manicure on your own at home, so it is better to contact a specialist. One of the main advantages of shellac is that it looks flawless for two to three weeks. Unlike gel or acrylic, shellac strengthens the nail plate, and does not spoil it. The technique for performing a gradient manicure with shellac is the same as with regular varnish. The only difference is that after each layer you need to dry the nail in a UV lamp for 2 minutes. And also, before applying the first main layer, you need to thoroughly polish and degrease the nails with special means.

Manicure with black and blue gradient

Black lacquer in combination with another color is always a winning option! The photos show how you can make a gradient on the nails with a brush. First, apply black polish on the top of the nail, then blue polish, without waiting for the base to dry. Gently smooth the borders with a brush, although this does not always work out, but with practice you will succeed! Instead of black, you can use a transparent varnish, in which case the nails will turn out to be delicate and elegant.

gradient on nails 5

With a single brush, you can achieve the desired result, but believe that with a sponge, a smooth and realistic transition is better.

gradient on nails 6

Trendy Gradient Varnish Ideas

In the world of nail art, there are many types of gradient manicure. A blurry gradient as a French manicure looks original and no less impressive. Try to make a red gradient, especially since the passionate color is always in the favorites of nail design. To make everything beautiful, consider the geometry of the arrangement of flowers. It is better to have a light tone at the base, and a dark one along the cut. Transitions look beautiful both horizontally and vertically. For a gradient, you can use sparkles or pebbles.

The gradient on the nails will always attract attention and cause a storm of enthusiastic emotions among others. So hurry up to master the simple technique of execution. The photos show the most fashionable examples of the gradient.

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