Gel polish at home

Beautiful, well-groomed nails for two weeks is the dream of any girl. However, earlier this dream was only possible with the help of a manicurist who could build nails using acrylic or gel. Today, fortunately, widespread shellac — This, in simple terms, is a mixture of ordinary nail polish and gel. And if the polish stays on the nails for about a few days, and then needs to be updated, then the gel polish is more stable: it stays on the nails for a very long time, and the only reason why you need to update the manicure is an overgrown nail. A light line is formed at the base of the nail, which gives out the age of the manicure.

Gel polish at home

When shellac first began to gain popularity, it could only be applied in salons, but today, when all the necessary tools can be bought in a professional store, gel polish is ideal for home use. So, without leaving home, you can create a beautiful, and, most importantly, sustainable manicure that does not require replacement until the nail grows back.

  1. Before applying gel polish at home, you need to prepare the nail plate. To do this, you first need to trim the cuticle. In salons, for this they use a special cream to soften the cuticle, which is not necessary to buy for home use, because both the cream and the cut manicure have the same effect.
  2. To make a manicure at home with gel polish in accordance with all the rules, the nail plate must be sanded before application. Today there are different types of gel polish, and if you take Gelish, LeChat, In’Garden or Jessica, then nails must be washed down with a soft file for polishing. If gel polish is Gel FX or Shellac, then sawing is not necessary if the nail plate is even.
  3. The next important step is applying a degreaser to the nail. If this step is skipped, then the gel polish will not adhere well to the nail and will quickly fall off. Some professionals believe that at home, a professional degreaser can replace regular alcohol or nail polish remover containing acetone. When processing the nail, special attention should be paid to the lateral parts of the nail that are in contact with the skin: since they are sloping, care must be taken toGel polish for home use so that the degreaser penetrates into these areas.
  4. Now it’s time to use the base coat, which is also necessary for fixing the gel polish on the nail. This can be a base from CND Base Coat or any other similar application.
  5. Before you dry gel polish at home, you need to buy a special tool. At this stage, you will need an ultraviolet lamp. Within 20 seconds, under its influence, the coating should dry completely. If the lamp power is less than 36 watts, it will most likely take longer to dry. Regarding the maintenance of such a lamp, it is worth noting that the light bulb needs to be replaced once every half a year.
  6. Now you need to apply gel polish on your nails. It needs to be shaken well first. After that, for about 2 minutes, the nails covered with gel polish must be held under an ultraviolet lamp. When applying gel polish, you need to ensure that the layer is as thin as possible. If this advice is neglected, then the coating will swell after drying.
  7. After the first layer has dried, the gel polish must be applied again. Now the coating layer can be a little thicker.
  8. Now it’s time to use the fixer. This is a special product for gel polish and cannot be replaced with a regular fixer. For example, at CND, this product is called Top Coat. However, you can use funds from other companies.
  9. The last step is to remove the sticky layer of the fixer. It is removed with a napkin that does not leave a lint. It can also be removed with alcohol, but you need to make sure that the gel polish does not lose its luster.

How to remove gel polish at home?

Removing gel polish at home is as easy as applying:

  1. You need to wash your hands and prepare cotton pads cut into a semicircle with pieces of foil. Foil will be needed to fix the discs.
  2. How to remove gel polish at home

  3. Then you need to take nail polish remover with acetone and moisten cotton pads with it.
  4. Now cotton pads need to be applied to the nails so that they do not come into contact with the skin. In this position, they are tightly fixed with foil so that the liquid does not evaporate.
  5. After 15 minutes, the cotton pads can be removed. The gel polish is already softened by this time, and it can be removed like a film. In hard-to-reach places, gel polish can be removed with a cuticle spatula. If the shellac is not removed, it is cut off.
  6. After that, the skin around the nail needs to be restored with nourishing cuticle oils.

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