French Manicure Ideas

French manicure or, more simply, French, has long been a «classic». It is unlikely that a girl or woman will be found who has never made it on her nails. That is why, there are new trends in nail art regarding the beloved French manicure. Consider interesting ideas to diversify the usual manicure.

Colored french manicure

The name itself speaks for itself. The usual white edge of the marigold is painted with colored varnish. You can paint all the tips in one color, or you can each in different ways. Such an unusual French manicure will be especially good if you choose pastel colors as the background color. By the way, you can generally take a transparent varnish as a basis.

The “opposite” effect will look very elegant — a colored nail plate, and the tip is white. Try experimenting with textures rather than colors. For example, the edge of the nail «under the zebra» or «leopard». And matte and glossy in the same color range — an amazing duet! A very fashionable French manicure in the past and this season is gradient. A smooth transition from color to color is done with a small sponge. Worth a try!

French manicure with a pattern

Lace nails are a popular elegant French manicure. Especially often it is made by brides for a wedding. The edge of the nail is decorated with a pattern, and sinuous lines can «flow» directly from the white tip. A French manicure with a pattern is a very responsible business that a master must do. But you can try to become one and learn how to draw on nails!

Proceed to the pattern before the final coating. Make one or two nails: draw flexible lines on the border of the transition from the edge to the base with a thin brush (white varnish is preferred), outline with a contrasting color and set the “middle” with sparkles. Now you can fix and admire.

French manicure ideas with rhinestones: one pebble adorns the edge of each nail, is the middle of the flower, shimmers playfully at the base. If you wished a three-dimensional pattern with rhinestones, then you should not do this on every nail. Such «chic» can overload your beautiful French manicure.

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