fashion jewelry

Any woman dreams of decorating herself with an exquisite bracelet or ring. But not everyone knows how to correctly select models of jewelry in accordance with their age and the degree of officiality of the event. But in fact, just well-chosen accessories in most cases do the main job.

Stylish timeless jewelry

Fashion and jewelry certainly go hand in hand, but not always the latest innovations should be blindly worn by every woman. Sometimes the preference for one style looks much more harmonious than sharp jumps from one extreme to another. Today, bright and voluminous jewelry is fashionable, and tomorrow miniature ones. So it makes sense to choose fashionable jewelry in accordance with your age and style.

  1. Women with a curvaceous or feminine figure are well suited for voluminous and simple jewelry. Brooches made of large stones, massive necklaces or bracelets — all this will harmoniously complement the image as a whole. But fragile inches should be abandoned from such models, small openwork pendants and rings, thin chain straps and stud earrings are more suitable for them.
  2. It is better to focus on only one part of the body. If you are the owner of a beautiful bust, be sure to emphasize this with a deep neckline and original beads. A thin wrist can be decorated with an exquisite bracelet, and a stylish manicure can be complemented with an unusual ring. If you wear several units at once, you risk looking ridiculous.
  3. Girls who constantly follow style and fashion, with the help of jewelry, visually hide their flaws and emphasize their merits. For example, a thin long neck or an unusual haircut is emphasized with long earrings with bright stones or unusual inserts. For an elongated face, it is better to choose round-shaped jewelry, and jewelry in the form of chains or vertical geometry will help to visually stretch a face that is too round.

Style and fashion — bijouterie in the new season

It is not always possible to select jewelry in accordance with the season, but designers give some recommendations in this regard. For example, in the new season, winter jewelry is massive and simple. These are large rings and rings, laconic bracelets and beads. Natural stones, rhinestones are used to a greater extent. Plastic is a little outdated, although some animal prints are back in fashion.

In the spring I want something lighter and brighter. Stylish African-inspired jewelry is gaining momentum. Many well-known jewelry manufacturers have relied on this topic. Romantic natures should pay attention to floral design. These are more elegant products made with stone inserts or enamel patterns.

To the question of what kind of jewelry is in fashion, no designer will give a clear answer. After all, each brand has developed its own vision. But the general trend is as follows: unusual shapes, a spiral, a combination of several materials at once and bright saturated shades. From styles, you can safely choose vintage, ethnic and casual. They practically never go out of fashion.

So, fashion jewelry in the new season is:

  • silver bracelets with many pendants in the form of flowers, stones, butterflies or keys;
  • jewelry (mainly bracelets) made of leather, wood, and other natural materials;
  • products with a lot of rhinestones of all shapes and shades, blue, turquoise and purple are becoming especially popular.

The older the age and the more formal the event, the more large and simple jewelry you can afford. If Madame Coco herself preferred just such jewelry, then modern fashionistas should definitely acquire several products of good proven brands.

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