Drawings on the nails with a needle

There are times when you urgently need to make a beautiful and unusual manicure, but there is absolutely no time to visit the salon. In such a situation, you can not only quickly and accurately make up the nail plates, but also make an excellent painting yourself. Drawings on the nails at home with a needle are very popular and deservedly enjoy success due to their ease of execution and low time consumption.

Manicure — nail polish drawings with a needle

In order to complete the painting, you need to have the following items:

  • nail polish remover;
  • nail file;
  • coating varnish, basic;
  • several varnishes to create a pattern;
  • needle with a thin end;
  • transparent means for fixing manicure.

It should be remembered that both the main coating and additional (color) varnishes must be selected in accordance with the rules for combining shades. There can be as many as you like, but it is desirable to observe approximate shades.

Drawings on nails with a needle step by step

Consider one of the simplest and fastest types of painting, which, nevertheless, looks very elegant and elegant. This is a contrasting pattern of small light flowers on a dark background.

Drawing technique on nails with a needle:

  1. Having previously cleaned the nail plate from the remaining previous varnish, you need to apply a dense, even opaque coating as a base.
  2. nail polish drawings with a needle 1

  3. When the base (dark) varnish dries, you can start painting. It will be much more convenient if you put a piece of paper next to it and pour 2-3 drops of varnishes used for drawing on it. Using a clean brush or a regular ballpoint pen, apply 5-6 dots of light varnish to the nail. For additional effect, the center of each circle can be shaded with another color.
  4. manicure drawings on nails with a needle 2

  5. Using a needle or any other thin sharp object, draw the petals. Start from the top edge of the circles and bring the end of the needle to the center point between all the drops.
  6. drawings on nails with a needle step by step 3

  7. Repeat the procedure for drawing small circles. Only now you can swap the colors: for the petals themselves, take the varnish that previously created their shade.
  8. drawing technique on nails with a needle 4

  9. Using a needle, draw the petals in detail.
  10. drawings with a needle on short nails 5

  11. After the painting has dried, cover the nails with a colorless varnish or fixer.
  12. drawings on the nails at home with a needle 6

Drawings with a needle on short nails

There is a misconception that painting looks good only on long nails. Therefore, lovers of a short, neat manicure often avoid making drawings for themselves. In fact, a small length of nails is not a reason to constantly wear a monophonic coating. There are many types of painting that will decorate any manicure.

A very simple way to quickly make a beautiful and uncomplicated drawing:

  1. Apply any varnish as a base coat.
  2. After drying, place three drops of another contrast varnish at the same distance from each other (vertically).
  3. Place another shade in each circle, only in a smaller amount.
  4. Without waiting for the colored varnishes for the drawing to dry, draw a needle along the entire length of the nail, starting from the upper border of the first circle and ending with the lower edge of the lower drop.

Such a pattern looks like small leaves or hearts located one above the other. Combinations of strongly contrasting shades look very advantageous, for example, a combination of black, white and scarlet varnishes is popular. As a base, choose either a light pastel color: pink, beige, terracotta, yellowish.

In addition, the above scheme can be complicated by placing the drops not in one, but in two or even 3 rows. You can also increase the number of circles by decreasing their size and the distance between them.

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