drawings on nails 2014

The desire of every fashionista to be beautiful to the very tips of her nails is understandable, because it will be difficult to find a woman who would not make every effort, trying to somehow get closer to the desired ideal of beauty. Any image of every woman can successfully emphasize the manicure, being a bright note that will reflect your character and style in the best way. Therefore, it makes sense to figure out what kind of drawings on the nails are stylish in the new year?

Fashionable drawings on the nails of 2014

Drawings on female nails can be very diverse, most often it all depends solely on your imagination. So, in the new year, the graphic design of drawings becomes relevant: stripes, lines, rhombuses, squares, zigzags. Also, abstract patterns, presented in the form of multi-colored divorces and weaves, can also be attributed to fashionable patterns on the nails. As for floral ornaments, in the new season they amaze with their variety and design methods.

French manicure will also remain popular, for the design of which combinations of beige, blue, black and white colors are used. The title of the most fashionable designs on the nails was also received by floral ornaments in pink, white and flesh-colored versions. Such a manicure will not be conspicuous and will give your nails a healthy and well-groomed look. At the same time, try decorating your nails with rhinestones, and your manicure will look very bright and original.

If we talk about fashionable drawings on extended nails, there is a complete flight of fancy here. Bright geometric ornaments, floral motifs are decorated with bright rhinestones or voluminous modeling. Moreover, they even paint portraits of world celebrities.

Thus, the color range in the new season is quite extensive, which allows you to choose the most suitable shade and pattern for nails.

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