dots nail art

Many modern girls, when doing a manicure, prefer bright, positive, multi-colored solutions. New designs and techniques appear quite often. And some of them are very easy to do. Take, for example, drawings with dots on the nails. They look amazing. But the most important thing is that to implement them it is not at all necessary to be a professional artist. Just buy dots, fantasize, create and surprise!

Simple dots drawings on nails

First you need to understand the terminology. Dots is a small tool that visually resembles a double-sided pencil with small balls on both ends. The balls are interchangeable and can be of different sizes. You need this tool to draw dots. As a matter of fact, this is where the name of the instrument comes from — translated from English, dots means “dots”.

Dots patterns look good on both short and long nails. The simplest design is regular dots. They can be multi-colored, of different sizes, affixed according to some pattern or randomly. In order for all the spots to be the same, you need to regularly dip the ball into the varnish. Otherwise, each next point will become smaller and smaller (which, by the way, is also very often used in drawings).

Also, a light dots pattern on the nails is commas. They are obtained if you first put a point, and then stretch it a little. Only you need to stretch not in a straight line, but slightly wrapping the line. Commas can be connected to each other, and you get original drawings.

In addition, with the help of dots on the nails, you can draw straight lines. By fantasizing and arranging different elements, you can easily get a picturesque ornament, pattern, drawing. And for everything to work out perfectly, you need to follow simple rules:

  1. Wait for the base layer to dry before using dots.
  2. Both ordinary varnishes and water-based acrylic paints are suitable for painting.
  3. Although the dots look like a pencil, you need to hold it perpendicular to the nail.

Step by step drawing of a panda on nails with dots

  1. Paint half of the nail with white varnish so that you get a large circle.
  2. dots nail art step by step 1

  3. While the white is drying, apply a small amount of black varnish to the foil, dip a dots (medium-sized ball) in it.
  4. dots nail drawings step by step 2

  5. From the side of the cuticle, on the edge of the circle, put two symmetrical points — the ears. And then draw two more symmetrical points in the center of the filled white surface — the eyes.
  6. dots nail drawings step by step 3

  7. Put a smaller black dot in the middle of the free edge of the nail.
  8. dots nail drawings step by step 4

  9. With a smaller ball, put two white dots in the eyes.
  10. dots nail drawings step by step 5

  11. Draw the pupils with an even smaller ball.
  12. dots nail drawings step by step 6

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