aquarium nail design

Hands are one of the main decorations of the fairer sex. Perhaps there are no women who are indifferent to manicure with artistic painting, so aquarium nail design is extremely popular.

What is aquarium design?

aquarium design — This is a technique for applying a three-dimensional pattern to extended nails, which is covered with a thin layer of gel: the pattern is visible, it is voluminous and bright, and it is absolutely smooth to the touch. Visually, it seems that the pattern is behind the glass, which is why this design is called aquarium.

You can do this type of manicure on “your” nails, but then its service life will be much shorter, and the effect is not so impressive, since natural nail plates are most often not so long and voluminous.

Aquarium nail design provides not only various kinds of drawings or patterns, but also modeling. The shape of the plates on which the aquaforming will be performed can be different, it all depends on your personal preferences and the shape of the brush. Modeling the shape of the plates is necessary for the qualitative implementation of this fashionable manicure, therefore, before making an aquarium design, discuss it with the master in detail.

Benefits of Aquarium Design

The main advantage of this nail design is that both primitive drawings and holographic graphics can be made on the nails. Even photographs are placed «inside» the nail.

Gel aquarium design has other advantages compared to other types of nail painting, it:

  1. Practical — even with prolonged wear, the pattern does not deteriorate, and the smooth surface does not cling to clothes or other objects. You can wear these nails endlessly. The service life depends on the pattern, because in the process of correction the pattern will be supplemented with new elements.
  2. Natural — unlike modeling, the aqua design pattern on the surface is smooth, as if it is in the middle of the nail plate, which looks stylish and natural from the outside.
  3. Various — using this technique, you can not limit your imagination not only by using various patterns and color shades, but also consumables (glitters, foil), for example, an aquarium nail design with dried flowers looks very visually beautiful. You can even glue rhinestones under the gel coat or complete each sketch with sand.

How to make an aquarium nail design?

Creating an aquarium nail design takes place in several stages:

  1. Preparing nails for building with a dry manicure — treating hands with an antiseptic, removing cuticles and shine from the nail plate with a file. Building on forms of a base layer of transparent gel or acryle.
  2. how to make an aquarium design 1

  3. Removing the form.
  4. how to make an aquarium design 2

  5. Drawing a picture of any of the available techniques — a pattern, modeling, attaching other materials.
  6. how to make an aquarium design 3

  7. Covering the nail with transparent acrylic powder.
  8. how to make aquarium design 4

  9. Creation of the final gel layer.
  10. how to make aquarium design 5

Is an aquarium design right for you?

First of all, aquarium design is suitable for those who periodically do nail extensions. This is a great option for practical women with a minimum of free time. It will be convenient for them that it is durable and another varnish can be applied to the coating, which, when removed, will not damage the aqua design.

Of course, not all colors of varnish can cover the aquarium design with sparkles or bright patterns, so depending on your style and image, choose the shades that the nail plate will be painted with. Such a manicure will look great on both long and short nails — there are no restrictions on this.

Very often brides decide to make an aquarium gel nail design. To look stylish on a memorable wedding day, you need to choose neutral tones and patterns for a classic outfit. So, your hands will complement the whole image. If you chose a dress that is not pastel shades, then before you make an aquarium nail design, tell the master what color your outfit is so that the manicure matches it.

Making an aquarium nail design is quite easy, knowing all the technology step by step. But it is unrealistic to carry out such a manicure on your own, so everyone who wants to make this decoration needs to find a good master.

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