yellow manicure

A bright, rich shade can cheer up even the most cloudy day. And one of the most popular colors in manicure, especially in summer, are all shades of yellow, both on their own and in combination with other colors.

Manicure with yellow varnish

It should be noted that the palette of yellow shades in nail polish is very wide, and they should be selected based on the appearance, clothing, and places that you plan to visit.

Nail polishes of soft, pastel yellow shades look more restrained and are suitable not only for a party or a carefree pastime, but also for work. In addition, business women can make an elegant matte yellow manicure. Enamel of a golden hue is best suited for swarthy and simply tanned girls.

But a manicure in brilliant yellow-green shades is not suitable for everyone. This coloring implies a certain amount of shocking and extravagance. These tones look especially good against the background of pale skin.

Saturated bright yellow color looks good on slightly tanned skin and is combined with dark tones in clothes. But against the background of reddish skin, this color will not look.

An amber-yellow shade in a manicure will suit almost any woman, it looks rich and noble. It goes well with brown and pastel colors in clothes.

What to combine yellow varnish in manicure?

Nail art with yellow varnish implies not only a single color, but also a combination of different colors and shades.

Monochrome finish

Several shades of the same color are used, from lemon to bright yellow and golden. There are options for French or moon manicure in yellow, applying geometric patterns or color stains to the nails without clear contours.

Achromatic coating

It implies a combination with neutral (white, black, gray) colors. One of the most popular options for such a coating is a black and yellow manicure.

Complimentary or creative color combination

In this case, almost any combination of colors and types of manicure is possible, the main thing is that the shades of varnish are combined with each other. Overly contrasting colors can look tasteless and vulgar. Yellow-blue, yellow-blue and yellow-green manicure look best.

Yellow manicure rules

When using bright shades, any irregularities and defects are clearly evident, so it is very important that the nails are well-groomed. So before applying varnish, do a manicure, even out the length of the nails, give them the necessary shape with a nail file. Remember that bright colors look better on short nails, and pastels look better on longer ones. However, the length of the nails should not be excessive.

Before applying the varnish, it is desirable to apply a base in 2-3 layers in order to hide all possible irregularities. After applying the varnish, the line near the cuticle should be trimmed with a brush or a corrective pencil.

Ideas for manicure in yellow tones

Here are some examples of using yellow nail polish in manicure:

  1. On not very long square-shaped nails, a black and yellow manicure looks good, where the base is painted in yellow, and individual dots, patterns or narrow stripes along the nail are painted in black.
  2. Another very popular and at the same time discreet variation of manicure, when the nail coating is plain, but one nail is painted over in a different color. In such a manicure, a combination of pale yellow and blue, and dark yellow and blue is usually used.
  3. Blue-yellow manicure is also quite often applied in the form of a geometric pattern, when the nail plate is painted obliquely up to half in one color, and then in another, or a different color is applied to the end of the nail with a triangle.
  4. The combination of yellow with green and yellow with blue in manicure is also common with gradient staining, when there is a smooth transition from one color to another using several shades. Such a manicure, especially decorated with sparkles, is perfect for a party.

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