Wedding manicure 2013

Unusual wedding manicure is the dream of any future bride. On this beautiful day, the girl should look tender and at the same time original, because this is one of the most memorable days. An original wedding manicure can add “highlights” to the image: today nail art is very popular and has many techniques, from modeling to the usual French style, which uses only three colors of varnish.

A wedding manicure can be done both with your own hands and in the salon: it depends only on the availability of the necessary tools, while the techniques themselves are not difficult to master.

Wedding Manicure Ideas

The wedding manicure has one important difference from all the others — pastel and white tones. Therefore, in order to make a beautiful manicure on your own, you need to stock up on at least beige, white and colorless varnishes.

Wedding manicure with rhinestones for the image of «princess»

In addition to the varnishes listed above, to perform this technique, you will need a thin brush and rhinestones of different diameters. It is better to choose classic colors, but beige or pink are also suitable. This manicure option corresponds to a glamorous look, so it will perfectly support the style of a dress with an enchanting and original cut with unexpected solutions.

Execution technique. Apply several coats of base polish and let it set. To speed up the drying process, place the nails in cool water or use special emulsions: a couple of drops are enough to set the polish on one nail for several minutes. Then apply a colorless varnish and use a brush to lay out rhinestones in the form of a pattern according to this principle: first we put pebbles of a larger diameter, and at the end small ones.

Wedding French manicure for elegant ladies

This is a simple wedding manicure, without unnecessary decorations, although it looks very stylish. For several years now, this technique has maintained a high position in the fashion world, because it emphasizes naturalness and at the same time ennobles ladies’ hands. There is not a single outfit that a French manicure would not fit.

wedding manicure lace

Execution technique. There are two options for French manicure: in beige or pink. Depending on this, a base varnish is taken, colorless and white. On the part of the nail that protrudes, white varnish is applied with a thin brush in the form of an arc (if the nail plate is oval) or a straight line (if the nails are square). In 2013, oval nails of small length are in fashion — this is a tribute to the trend of naturalness. After that, we apply a translucent beige or pink varnish on the entire nail plate and, after drying, fix it with a colorless one. To add originality, a French manicure can be decorated with rhinestones, stickers or modeling, but this will no longer be a classic version of the technique.

Wedding manicure «lace» for romantic natures

This is one of the most delicate bridal manicures: it looks amazing, and at the same time it is in line with the bridal fashion trends of 2013, claiming to take the same strong position as the French manicure.

Execution technique. There are several options for getting lace on the nails: the first one obliges you to visit a beauty salon, because the nails are built up at the same time, and lace material is applied to the acrylic tips, which is fixed with a modeling gel.

The second option can be done at home, but for this you need to buy white acrylic, and a thin brush with a sharp end. Apply a beige, white or clear base coat. After it is fixed, start making a pattern with acrylic and a brush: the simplicity of execution is that lace does not have to have one pattern on all nails, the main thing is that the work looks neat.

Reliable wedding manicure with shellac for practical women

Shellac allows you to perform different options for a wedding manicure. This is a salon-only procedure and takes about 30 minutes. This varnish was invented by the Americans relatively recently — in 2010,bridal french manicure but the technique quickly gained popularity among women due to its practicality.

Execution technique. Shellac is a hybrid of regular nail polish and gel. Before applying it, the nails are cut a little, then the nail plate is covered with shellac with a brush and placed under ultraviolet for 2 minutes. The removal of this material is painless — it is washed off with a special solution.

Shellac is convenient for a wedding manicure in that, going on a honeymoon trip, the bride will not need to take care of the manicure, because its effect lasts more than 2 weeks.

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