Velvet manicure

Manicure — one of those areas where any woman can turn around, give free rein to her imagination. There are a lot of different techniques and options for decorating nails. Of the novelties in this area, velvet, aka cashmere, plush manicure has become increasingly popular lately.

Such a manicure is called velvet because the coating of the nail really resembles velvet due to small particles of cotton, wool, acrylic or other materials.

How to make a velvet manicure?

In fact, making a manicure with a velvet coating is quite simple. This will require any colored varnish and flock — coating material. Flock is small particles of wool, cotton, viscose and other materials. It can be of various colors and differ in particle size, length and width, which allows you to get a different texture of the coating.

In salons, such a manicure is done using a special apparatus, a flocider, which polarizes the particles and makes them fit snugly against the surface. The use of professional equipment allows you to speed up the application of a velvet manicure and make the coating denser and more even. But if desired, a velvet manicure can be done at home, especially since some manufacturers have already begun to produce special kits, usually including varnish, flock and a brush to remove excess material.

Velvet manicure at home

To make a plush manicure you will need varnish (colored or colorless, at your discretion), a flock, a brush and a tray (bowl, saucer). The last point is optional, but will help to avoid cleaning associated with the removal of small particles.

Nails must first be prepared by degreasing and removing the remnants of old varnish from them. After that, you can proceed directly to the creation of a manicure.

Step 1. Apply the selected varnish on the nails in one layer and wait until it dries completely. If you hurry and do not let the first layer dry, then the manicure can “spread” and look ugly.

Velvet manicure 1

Step 2. After the polish is dry, gently apply a second coat. Without waiting for the second layer to dry, apply a flock on top as evenly as possible. Among the kits currently available, there are special bottles with flock, which make it possible to sprinkle them on the nail directly from the container. If the flock was purchased in a jar or box, then before applying the manicure, you need to pour out the required amount of material and grind it so that there are no lumps left. In this case, it is best to apply the flock on the nails with your finger, with soft pats, so that it is evenly distributed over the nail plate.

Velvet manicure 2

Step 3. Use a stiff-bristled brush to remove any remaining lint from the leather.

It remains to wait 10-15 minutes until the varnish is completely dry, and the manicure is ready.

Velvet manicure 3

Velvet lacquer

For those who do not want to bother with flocking nails, there is an alternative — velvet effect varnish. This is a type of varnish that creates a matte finish that is pleasant to the touch. Of course, the varnish does not give a voluminous effect, such as a velvet manicure, but it looks discreet, stylish and therefore is becoming increasingly popular, especially among employees of serious offices, business women and other women whose work requires a dress code.

Velvet nail polish is applied in the same way as any other: on clean, pre-treated nails in two layers. The most popular among nail polishes with a velvet coating among buyers are the brands Dance Legend, Orly, Zoya.

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