gel polish nail design 2016

In 2016, gel polish nail design is becoming more restrained, but no less interesting than in previous seasons. Fresh trends and new color combinations are emerging.

Beautiful manicure with gel polish 2016

One of the most popular types of manicure design in 2016 using gel polish will be the so-called «cat’s eye» pattern. It is a strip of rich blue, dark green or gray on a dark background. Such a stripe has blurry borders and resembles a cat’s pupil, for which this design got its name. Such a manicure is best done on short nails, as dark shades of varnish look somewhat predatory and defiant on a long form.

The fashion for gel polish with a gradient effect will continue in 2016. Glitters are also gaining popularity, but they should be used sparingly, on only one or two fingers on each hand. The trend is also a classic jacket, its color options and a moon manicure. Geometric drawings with gel polish 2016 are relevant, especially when part of the nail plate is covered with either a transparent gel or varnish as close as possible in color to the skin tone. Also a fashionable design this season will be a variety of combinations of gel polish matte and glossy textures, as well as the use of matte gels with metal foil elements.

Gel polish colors

Fashionable design dictates the requirements for the color range of gel polish. Unnatural, acidic and neon shades are going out of fashion, they are being replaced by rich dark, berry, as well as very light and translucent gel polishes of pastel colors. Creating a gradient design requires the use of several shades at the same time, but it is worth choosing tones from either light or dark colors. Also in fashion is the design of nails in such a way that only one of them has an expressive and bright pattern, and all others are made in discreet colors with a classic jacket or a plain coating.

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