manicure with two colors of varnish

Two-tone manicure has long been very popular. From season to season, stylists offer a wide range of options for such nail-art. The relevance of the design on nails in two colors is due to the fact that a monochromatic manicure is less attractive, and a combination of shades, especially contrasting ones, will surely attract the attention of others to fashionable pens. In addition, to make fashionable nail-art, it is not necessary to run to a beauty salon. Now manicure in two colors can be done at home. It is only important to know what design is in fashion.

Two Color Manicure Ideas

Today, manicure and pedicure masters offer several manicure options with two colors. The ideas for this design are varied. From simple solid colors to intricate patterns, a two-tone manicure is sure to draw attention to your stylish nails and accentuate your delicate taste.

feng shui manicure. A similar design is a monophonic coating of nails with two varnishes. In this case, several fingers are decorated with one color, and the rest — with another. Nails of excellent color are chosen according to Feng Shui. This design is relevant to women of fashion who observe the canons of such esotericism in their lives. Two colors can be either contrasting or one color palette of different shades.

Two tone ombre. Gradient nail design is still popular. The transition from dark to light shade, or vice versa, looks interesting, unusual and beautiful. In addition, such a manicure can be easily done by yourself at home.

Two tone print. Of course, drawings in two colors on the nails have not lost their relevance. From simple stripes and dots to intricate designs, your nails will be stylish and trendy no matter what.

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