prickly heat on the hands of adults

The appearance of prickly heat on the hands of adults is associated with increased sweating and insufficient personal hygiene, which leads to disruption of the skin glands and their blockage. Prickly heat on the fingers and hands in adults has the appearance of red or transparent blisters filled with liquid, which cause severe itching, and when scratched, they can become infected with bacterial or fungal flora. Before the appearance of bubbles, the affected areas of the skin usually become slightly inflamed, redden.

How to treat prickly heat in the hands of adults?

When symptoms of prickly heat appear on the hands, it is recommended, first of all, to observe the rules of hygiene more carefully. Washing your hands regularly and then drying them may be sufficient to get rid of this problem. It is also recommended to treat the affected areas of the skin with local antiseptics, for example:

  • Chlorhexidine;
  • Miramistin;
  • camphor alcohol;
  • boric alcohol;
  • salicylic alcohol, etc.

Folk methods are also effective in this case, among which are hand baths based on decoctions of medicinal herbs (chamomile, eucalyptus, calendula, string, yarrow, sage, etc.). Also, decoctions of herbs can be used to periodically wipe the hands.

Severe itching is eliminated by antihistamines — Psilo-balm, Fenistil, etc. A good drying and anti-inflammatory effect is provided by such agents as:

If the above measures are not enough, complications develop, then local antibacterial agents can be used to treat prickly heat on the hands of adults:

  • Baneocin;
  • Levomekol;
  • tetracycline ointment, etc.

Such drugs should be used only as prescribed by a doctor after examination and identification of the causes of the lesion.

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