swarovski rhinestones for nails

With the help of nail design, you can create real works of art for a long time. Masters are so improved in their work that they create real masterpieces. In many ways, this becomes possible through the use of various materials, which include Swarovski crystals for nails.

Swarovski for nails

Swarovski nail art sets include rhinestones in different colors, shapes and sizes. They can be divided into the following types:

  • classic multi-faceted rhinestones on a flat base — they are produced in several sizes and an incredible variety of colors, which makes it possible to use them for any manicure;
  • large stones with a perfect cut, in which reflections of light play, they often act as a central element of the decor;
  • small Swarovski crystals for nails — they will make the nail inlay mosaic and detailed. Despite the smallest size, the pebbles effectively shimmer on the edges.

pixie swarovski design on nails

A real fashionable novelty is the Swarovski crystal crumb for nails, which is also called a pixie in another way. It is the smallest crystals, up to 1 mm in size, which create a flicker of incredible beauty when applied to the nail.

Lovers of decorating a manicure with rhinestones immediately appreciated this novelty, since a Swarovski pixie manicure can surprise not only with tints of highlights, but also with a variety of sizes in the mosaic layout of the nail surface. Pixie stones are available in sets in four basic colors. Their advantage is that they were created to work, including by non-professionals, every girl can afford a bright Swarovski pixie design on her nails.

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