swag manicure

Every fashionista dreams of her image being perfect every day and in line with the latest fashion trends. However, not all girls know that the ideal image should be thought out to the smallest detail. Therefore, it is very important to follow not only fashionable novelties in clothes and hairstyles. One of the important components is a stylish manicure. In the new season, many manicure and pedicure masters prefer swag style nails. But what is hidden under the interesting name of swag manicure?

In order to determine what a swag manicure is, you need to get to know the swag style itself — bright, sometimes flashy, original and often outrageous. In general, nails in a similar style are a huge variety of colors, patterns and accessories. And no matter how strange it may sound, but most often a swag-style manicure includes all the above characteristics.

To make a stylish manicure in the fresh style, you need to stock up on a set of bright varnishes, all kinds of sparkles, sequins, rhinestones, as well as a huge amount of imagination. In addition, nails in this style perfectly emphasize the romantic female nature. Beautiful drawings in the form of bows, cakes, balloons and other similar decorations are one of the hallmarks of the swag style. But it is also possible to choose the theme of drawings from your favorite cartoons. Recently, ideas from Walt Disney cartoons have been very popular. In addition, inscriptions in the swag style are very popular. For example, you can make personal abbreviations that are dear to you specifically, as well as popular shortened phrases. Well, if you need to do such a manicure urgently, then any abstractions will be your option.

Recently, stylists have been focusing on monochromatic swag manicures, but neon polish is a feature of such nails. Of course, this option is more suitable for lovers of club parties, where such a manicure will be noticed and attract the attention of others.

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