summer manicure 2015

More bright colors and creative solutions — this is the motto of every summer season. Will it become relevant for the summer manicure of 2015 — let’s find out.

Summer manicure 2015 — fashion trends

Laconic geometry, floral patterns, abundance of decor and gentle nude style: fashionable summer manicure in 2015 promises to be varied. Among the most striking and original ideas for a beautiful summer manicure in 2015 are:

  1. negative space. The leading direction in modern nail art. Colorless nails with individual elements in the form of stripes, a crescent — a very original solution for creating a neat and unobtrusive manicure in the warm season.
  2. Nude. One of the «long-playing» trends is in no hurry to give up its positions this summer. Nude manicure is easy to perform and versatile, it fits perfectly into any image, emphasizes the beauty and elegance of women’s hands.
  3. Geometric figures. Diamonds, squares, circles, wavy and straight lines continue to delight fashionistas and lovers of experiments with their bizarre compositions. Geometry is always room for imagination, you can simply draw a few straight lines on a plain coating, or you can create a real “geometric masterpiece”, in any case, in 2015 such a manicure is positioned as trendy and original.
  4. Shine of noble metals. Lovers of jewelry made of gold and silver will appreciate this novelty, even if today they have a great opportunity to cover their nails with their favorite shades. This season, stylists offer girls to completely paint the nail plate with golden or silver varnish, make a jacket with shiny tips, or simply draw a thin strip at the base of the nail growth. In a word, a lot of «brilliant» decisions for any reason.
  5. Red shades. Fashionable, beautiful, bright summer manicure in 2015 — a rich palette of red knows no other epithets. Red lacquer coating is a classic, it is stylish and beautiful, and stylists and leading couturiers agree with this.
  6. Coral color. In the summer of 2015, coral is on the list of clear favorites. Lacquers of this shade are actively used for applying to the entire surface of the nail plate, as well as for drawing drawings in the Negative space style.
  7. Space. Distant constellations and mysterious galaxies painted on nails will be a bright addition to a bold and fashionable look.
  8. dark shades. Nails covered with dark varnish look simple and elegant. This is another fashion trend of the upcoming season, which will find its admirers in the face of extravagant young ladies.
  9. Matte finish. It is quite possible to do without extra shine and decor, which is confirmed by the matte finish, which has remained at the peak of fashion for more than one year.
  10. Gradient. A great idea for a summer manicure, of course, this is not a novelty, but in 2015 this will not affect its popularity in any way.
  11. Drawings. In addition to geometric compositions and sparkles, stylists offer fashionistas to decorate their nails with flowers, and it would probably be wrong to refuse such a privilege in the summer. Floral design this season is best done in yellow, blue, green shades. To create an atmosphere of adventure and relaxation, a fashionable and stylish beach manicure with palm trees, shells, starfish, summer fruits and other resort paraphernalia is suitable.

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