Summer manicure 2014

Well-groomed hands are one of the most important details of a fashionable, attractive image. However, the fashion for manicure is so changeable — yesterday everyone wore long nails, decorated with voluminous decor, and today it is already considered bad manners. Fashionable manicure of summer 2014 — what should it be? We will talk about this in this article.

Stylish summer manicure 2014

Stylish summer manicure in 2014 implies the presence of originality, accuracy and harmony. This does not mean that contrasting combinations, an unusual pattern or an intricate pattern are now taboo for all fashionistas. However, the sense of proportion should not be forgotten.

Short and medium nails of natural shapes are in fashion.

The hit of spring — stamping — has retained its position. The most trendy patterns for nails are flora and fauna, geometry, letters and inscriptions. The most fashionable colors for summer manicure are dark, traditionally used in the autumn-winter period.

Be careful when choosing colors for a multi-color manicure — the ability to select high-quality contrasts is not given to everyone. However, this is not difficult to learn — just regularly draw ideas from the world around you — the coloring of animals and birds, the patterns on fashionable fabrics, the canvases of legendary painters.

Nail polishes with glitters and shimmers confidently hold top positions. A distinctive feature of the summer of 2014 was the craving for experiments — the most advanced fashionistas are already creating their own glitter polishes with might and main. To do this, they simply mix glitter of various shapes, sizes and colors with a fairly thick base varnish. The result of such creativity is called the Franken manicure, although it does not at all look like the frightening brainchild of Victor Frankenstein.

Summer manicure — trends 2014

The main trends of this summer are:

  • ombre (gradient effect). In this case, the transition from color to color can be carried out both within one nail, and from nail to nail;
  • geometric patterns. Stripes, waves and polka dots are especially relevant;
  • dark shades of varnish. With the help of colors such as dark blue, burgundy, blue-green or black, you can visually make the nail plate narrower;
  • translucent gel polishes. Perfectly fit into gentle romantic, classic and business images;
  • pastel shades. Universal option — suitable for all occasions and images;
  • matte manicure. The matte finish of the nails looks very unusual and eye-catching. Both all and one or two nails can be matte. Manicure is also popular, in which matte varnish contrasts in color with glossy;
  • glitter manicure. Sequins of various sizes, colors and shapes are perfect for a carefree youth manicure, and a small shimmer will give a noble shine to the nails and will fit perfectly into a sophisticated evening look.

You can see examples of summer manicure for girls in 2014 in the photo.

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