stylish manicure 2014

In all eras, neat hands and nails have been revered and important. From time immemorial, a thin hand, smooth skin of the hand, long fingers and well-groomed nails testified to the lady’s belonging to the high society. Modern stylists and designers pay a lot of attention to manicure, because it plays a huge role in creating any image. The ideas of a stylish manicure in 2014 are quite interesting and multifaceted. We bring to your attention the most current trends in stylish manicure of the coming year.

The most stylish manicure

Fans of avant-garde manicure are in luck. This season, you can treat yourself to an unusual and bright nail design that will be at the height of fashion. Your stylish nails and amazing manicure will impress the public if you use fresh stylish manicure ideas. Pay your attention to the proposal of designers in the form of beaded nail applications. This innovation will be very fashionable in the world of manicure in 2014. So small black beads will look like black eggs.

A stylish manicure on short nails is metallic polish, and stylists also recommend covering nails in a gradient. One color is taken as the basis, the emphasis is on the transition of one tone of this color to another. It is worth paying attention to matte manicure. Multi-colored nails are also relevant this season, and sequins and sparkles can be easily applied in the most stylish manicure. Girls who prefer a classic French manicure can easily create a stylish French manicure with the help of flesh and milk shades. These are the colors that will be trending.

Good luck and inspiration for the embodiment of the ideas of stylish manicure 2014 on your gorgeous nails!

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