dot manicure

Today, manicure and pedicure masters offer a fairly large selection of methods for creating a bitmap. The most common is the method of applying dots by transfer stickers. You can also make such a design using two or more colors of varnish. But in this case, it should be borne in mind that the pattern will not be perfectly the same. To achieve identity in the print on the nails, you should use the print. Regardless of which method of spot manicure you choose, such a design will in any case emphasize your sense of style and belonging to fashion.

Spot manicure ideas

Due to the intensive development of nail art, the ideas of stylists regarding fashionable nail design are also being improved. And if earlier it was enough to put one point on each nail to be in trend, today complex prints are becoming more and more popular. Let’s see which point manicure is the most relevant today?

dot ornament. With the help of dots, you can create very unusual patterns, which in most cases represent together a whole ornament or one specific fragment of it. Such a manicure is at the peak of popularity today.

Point abstractions. Very interesting and unusual is the solution of the distribution of points chaotically or unevenly. The hit of dot manicure was the application of fragments of different diameters and colors.

Dot French. Dots can be a stylish note in a versatile French manicure. In this case, the bitmap is the most expressive, which perfectly draws attention to the fashionable design and the girl’s compliance with modern fashion trends.

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