shellac manicure 2016

Shellac has been a trendy nail design for the past few seasons. Girls prefer this particular method of coating, since this is a 100% guarantee that the manicure will always be beautiful and fresh. After all, gel polish does not wear off, does not crack and is resistant to any work. In 2016, stylists offer a large selection of stylish shellac manicures. The fashion trends of such nail-art are due to expressiveness, catchy design and the use of contrasting shades. Now your nails will always be fashionable and will emphasize your delicate taste and thoughtfulness.

Shellac Manicure Ideas 2016

Shellac 2016 is bright nails, contrasting solutions and catchy finishes. It was on these qualities that stylists emphasized in fashion design reviews. Since gel polish strengthens nails and is an additional layer in manicure, stylists advise using shellac on nails of small and medium length. In this version, a beautiful manicure will look even more neat. Let’s see what shellac manicure will be fashionable in the 2016 season?

French and holes. Gel polish is still one of the most popular choices for French and moon manicures. This season, stylists offer this design in a combined version. Highlighting the hole and the edge of the nail at the same time is a stylish and original manicure for every day.

Solid shellac. Fashionable shellac design is considered a monophonic color coating. So that such an everyday manicure does not look too simple, designers suggest choosing a gel of bright and saturated color. In 2016, nail-art in blue, green, orange and red colors, as well as a multi-colored solution for each nail separately, is considered a fashionable shellac manicure.

Multi-colored nails with drawings. The most beautiful and unusual has always been considered a manicure with a pattern. Popular prints for shellac manicure 2016 are geometric patterns, bright abstractions, dots and stripes.

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