Red manicure on short nails

It may seem ridiculous to many to paint short nails red, if you think about it, then it is on short nails, and not on long nails, that all bright colors, and red in the first place, look more restrained. On long, especially on sharp or square nails, the red color looks at least vulgar.

Short red manicure

A beautiful red manicure is a guarantee of increased male attention. Men know or subconsciously understand that women who choose this color are self-confident, unusually sexy and attractive.

At the same time, women still need to be careful, because red nails look elegant only when they are in perfect condition. No exception — and short nails. In addition to the nails themselves, the hands themselves should also be well-groomed.

Red polish looks very good on short nails of any shape, although you should not cut them too short. And by all means, for the integrity of the image, you must have at least one accessory of the same shade as the nails.

red nail polish ideas

Not necessarily red nails — this is a plain surface. Feel free to experiment with different shades and patterns. Since red nails are more often painted for a holiday or a party, then the pattern can be chosen depending on the theme of the holiday.

For example, for the New Year, you can draw or glue snowflakes. On Valentine’s Day, red hearts will look very much on topic. Neutral drawings of flowers, abstraction, polka dots, cage are universal.

Whatever pattern you choose, a red manicure on short nails always looks win-win. Especially if you have taken care of its harmonious combination with the rest of the image and have not forgotten that red varnish requires a well-groomed and beautiful manicure.

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