quilted manicure gel polish

In the middle of the twentieth century, Coco Chanel came up with a handbag that has not gone out of fashion for many decades. It transforms slightly, but the main details remain the same and this cute accessory is always easy to recognize.

Quilted manicure is a kind of addition for fashionistas in the style of Chanel. It is not difficult to perform, but it looks very impressive. This is the trend of the season, as well as quilted clothes, the fashion for which has returned again.

How to create a quilted manicure?

There are different ways to make a quilted nail design, but if you want to make a manicure, giving it volume, then you will definitely need gel polishes or gels. But to create a picture, you can use ordinary varnishes. A mandatory procedure in both cases is a neat manicure, since only on well-groomed nails the pattern will look beautiful.

We use varnishes

After processing the nails, you need to apply a base top on them and let it dry. Next, cover the nails with a layer of varnish and also wait for solidification. Then, with a thin brush, diagonal lines are drawn in one direction, and after a while, allowing the varnish to harden, in the other, keeping the same distance.

The result is a pattern in the form of diamonds. And to make quilted nails look elegant, place small rhinestones or beads at the intersection of lines.

3D drawing

To create volume, gel polishes are suitable, which will allow you to completely imitate the stitch. Quilted manicure with gel polish begins with the fact that a layer of coating is applied, for example, in a delicate shade and dried with a lamp.

Then a layer of the main color (dark or contrasting) is created and lines are drawn on it, even before drying, that will create the necessary pattern.

After drying, in order to give the nails volume, they complement the quilted manicure with gel polish, filling them with rhombuses. It all depends on the desire, since it is the amount of gel that will regulate the volume of the pattern. And, of course, it is important to dry thoroughly so as not to disturb the design.

Tape usage

You can also create a similar pattern using sticky tape. It also needs to be applied in the form of diamonds on the base layer of the selected varnish, without cutting off the ends, then covered with another, primary color. After the top layer dries slightly, the tapes are carefully removed. The result is a two-tone pattern, and the recesses perfectly imitate the stitch. The resulting pattern can also be decorated with rhinestones and beads.

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