Prom Manicure 2014


Prom Manicure 2014

Graduation ball is a special event in life, which is like a transition from childhood to adulthood. And the fact that all graduates are preparing for this event with special trepidation is not at all surprising. Everyone wants to pick up the most beautiful dress and shoes, make the most beautiful makeup. In creating an image for the prom, in no case should one forget about such an important detail as a manicure.

Fashion manicure for graduation

Fashion dictates its own rules every season, so if you want to be in trend, you should listen to what stylists say. So, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the latest in manicure in 2014 and choose the best option for your prom.

  1. Caviar manicure is the absolute hit of the season. People around will not take their eyes off your hands, and you can become the star of the evening. Depending on the color scheme of your outfit, you can choose a black caviar manicure, golden, multi-colored.
  2. French manicure is a classic that will probably never go out of style. But so that your hands do not look boring, make a jacket in accordance with the latest fashion trends. To do this, use multi-colored varnishes, select not a strip at the edge of the nail, but an area at the base, combine 3 more colors on your nails.
  3. Drawings on nails. You can make the most beautiful and original manicure with the help of drawings on the nails. You can draw almost anything, from a cartoon to a work of art. The main thing is to find a professional who will give you a manicure of high quality.
  4. This season, as in the past, it is incredibly fashionable to paint the nails on the ring fingers with contrasting colors, unlike the main manicure. Also, you can make a caviar manicure or gradient on only one or two nails, and leave the rest plain.


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